Young woman showing her anger by holding her head --- Image by © Wavebreak Media Ltd./Corbis

Image by © Wavebreak Media Ltd./Corbis

Peer Pressure?

It is U – Pressure because you get to determine what you leave or allow in your head.

Then it welcomes pressure on your shoulders and body then stops your legs from moving, leaving you in a stagnant position in your mind for a long while accepting whatever that environment has to offer.

But it is your head.
Why not create a check up system for what goes in and out?

It is your mind!
You have the keys but you give them out to those that have lost theirs to toy with yours.

You have your decisions to make.

Why waste your few passes on people’s mistakes that they have succeeded in making it look beautiful and attractive. ?

You are quick to receive this package.
And you take it to a corner.
Open it  and the beautiful monster enters you alone..

They have termed sex before marriage life.
Then they try to pull you into it.
And you try to accept it.
Can you see.
Y’all are trying.

They are trying to get you.
You are trying to get yourself
The more consistent person wins…
And it is not you.
You know right?

You listen to the voices outside
Instead of the ONE inside.

The ONE inside keeps saying the same words…
The ONES outside keep changing as the trend changes

And when you fall you call it peer pressure?

Are you joking?
You must really be kidding.

It is a U-Pressure.
You chose to fall for yourself
You chose what you trusted was good

You chose the ONES over the ONE


I have good news.

The ONE is still waiting inside you.

To make things right from within.

The ONE is following you all around

Even when the ONES have left you in the pit they pushed you in..

The ONE is waiting with you in the pit to show you how to come out.

The ONE is speaking.

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