Exhausted senior man with hands on faceLet he that thinks he stands take heed lest he fall……

Let he that thinks he fell take heed because he will rise again, if he trusts God.

That he is me. I’m the one I’m talking t(w)o. Need to preach to myself before I fall into the pulPIT.

Just this morning, I did something I was not proud of. I’ve been saved but this disease keeps reminding me of my sin. I know the enemy keeps trying to make me disbelieve but no, I’ll still trust God with his grace even if I fall again & if to die is gain, I’ll die again. A gain in loss, a life on the cross, a death with a cause, his name Jesus?

I seem to forget the above in my darkest times. Feels like light of the world with no power SAWply. Can’t see beyond my nose, so I’m stumbling on stones, I feel so alone, now I’m sure the ene(me) is like ‘Yayy!!!’ I got you this time.

But all the time I’m at war with my FleSh/(SelF)h. I lack PAYtience and it’s cost me a lot I hear time is money. Investments all lost, but my savings intact. I’m saved and I got nothing to be ashamed of.

If there’s anything I should boast of, it should be my weak acts.

I thank God because we are fighting a war we’ve won & victorious because of a sent son.

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Written by SotAfta

Facebook: Okenwa igbokwe

Twitter: @okenwaigbokwe

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