In case you couldn’t watch the 2 Minutes video, here is the transcript.

Think deeply before you answer this question; If you live in a community that suffers from scarcity of light. Which neighbour would you prefer? Neighbour A or Neighbour B? Neighbour A has a lot of resources but he uses it to turn his house into a Show room for light alone. His house is really cool though. The only problem is He has light and you do not and He can do something about your case but he hasn’t. However neighbour B uses the every now and then resource that hits his hand to import torch lights, bulbs and street light along side solar panels and wind turbines to power them. Bottom line, A does everything he can to make sure He has light but B is doing everything within his power to make sure that everyone he can reach has access to the light that he’s privileged to have. So which neighbour do you refer?
While you’re trying to answer that, let me slip this in.
If you have received the light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, continuing to grow in the Knowledge of Him and all you do is store it up; never sharing it with those that need it around you either because you’re just not concerned about their need for eternal bliss or you’re scared, too scared to present what you describe as the ‘good’ news to them which is the light that has saved you. If that’s you, I urge you to copy neighbour B’s example.
Jesus Said “Men don’t have light and put it under a bowl instead they put it on a stand for everyone to see” (Matt 5:15)

Let your light, The Light of Glory Glorious Gospel Shine.  😀


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