Hand Raised, Palm Out --- Image by © Tim McGuire/Corbis

Hand Raised, Palm Out — Image by © Tim McGuire/Corbis

Try to reflect on this in depth,

Just maybe you might see a reason why Christ  wept.

These might not be words you would boldly say I heard,

read and  kept, since the  fear of a sense of belonging  has crept.


It pains me to see you think your effort is a waste,

lying in the isolation of My true want and taste, I’m  hoping you end up using the brain ,

not only your waist. For you pause not, you are  always in a haste.

Lord, I’m asking you help me live in faith,

Because it’s seems getting high has taught  me how to live by fate.

Is there really time to pause?

Yet, you say to wait.

But guess I need to change before it gets to late.

Will I enter heaven and never see hell’s gate?

With my actions, sometimes, it’s hard to state.

Only  Your love can save at this rate.


I’ve done it all that na why we no be mate!

So wake up each day for  it’s a new slate.

In time, you’d see My grace and mercy is up to date.

Sleep well believing I have given you a life of faith

and when in trouble,  think of me ,

giving thanks, then  wait.

Don’t faint.

James Ohiomoba

Also by James; A Cobbler’s Heart
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