Joyce Meyer: “I’m Right On The Verge Of Getting A Tattoo”

Well, I don’t know about you but I never esperredit. At least certainly not from Joyce Meyer.

Well-known preacher and author Joyce Meyer recently preached a message in which she made the biblical case for getting tattoos and piercings.  Joyce Meyer also explained why Christians who use certain Bible Scriptures to argue against them are taking the Scripture out of context. 

No too much talk, check out the message here;

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  1. Dear Moyo, please correct me if I am wrong. Your short speech in this post conveys your upset about her interpretation. Because it seems to me that you saying “I never esperredit….certainly not from Joyce Meyer” can only translate to mean you are disappointed.

    And based on my interpretation, I have to ask you these: please why are you disappointed? what is there to be disappointed about?

    1. Lolabonga! I apologise if that’s how I came across. I’m not disappointed and was hoping not to express my opinion on the matter.
      I am surprised. I didn’t wake up expecting to hear that from Joyce Meyer. I really never expected it. I thought it was a hoax at first. I am not implying she’s wrong. I’m just genuinely surprised she said it. Same way I’d be surprised if she said amala and ewedu is her favourite meal. That in no way translates to disappointment.
      I hope this clears up my statement.
      Thank you, Tolu.

  2. […] Posts Joyce Meyer: “I’m Right On The Verge Of… Does It Matter How A Believer Dresses? How To Hear From God How Do I Know I’m Saved? […]

    1. You’ve shed more light on your statement. That’s okay.
      However, I feel that next time, you should be careful with your use of words on blogposts. This definitely sounded like a negative disappointment.

      But thank you for clearing the air.

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