cat-kitty-katze-black-hiding-blanket-eyes-staring-hunter-lurk-watch-ambush-waitingWhy feed the MONSTER?

Because she crawled into your house,  you want to leave her in your home?

Eating the little food you have to manage?

Then eat you after she’s done with what you have in you?

You can’t send her out because you are ashamed of what your neighbors will say when you chase her out?


Do you fall in a ditch on your way to school and fall in the same spot the next day and the third and the fourth?

Do you fall on the road after hitting a stone and choose not to stand up again because people have seen you?

Do you have a finger burn by mistake, then you leave your whole hands to burn?

So why do you get into a problem and feel it is better to stay in it than face the shame of coming out?

So because you had the first abortion.
Does that mean you have to stick with that same guy?

You are ashamed of breaking up?
You are in love with the tiny circle thing he put in your fingers?
And your whole life is disintegrating?

Oh. Because the pictures are on instagram and Bellanaijaweddings reposted.
That’s why you want to kill yourself by yourself?

Oh. Because he was your first,
And he was wrong,
You want to manage him.
For how long?

But when you get a new phone that was packaged well.
And it seems to be a fake, you don’t manage it.
You return it…

Do you know who you are?
Nope. Do you really know who you really are?

Please leave that relationship if it makes you feel less, inferior and turns you to a manager that manages trash!

Yes .
Oh yes.
You made a mistake.
But staying in it means more mistakes

More things to cry about.
And hi baby. They get worse.
Never better.

Settling for less is insulting who you really are!

Get up.
Chase that monster away.
Or else.
You will be left with nothing
Not even you.

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