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My Playlist: Falling on my knees – William McDowell

Song Review: Falling on my knees - William McDowell

Falling on my knees – William McDowell

I must say this song perfectly describes my prayer time. How I literally switch from 0-100, 0 being burdened, overwhelmed, confused, hurt even to 100 being relaxed, at peace, and in submission.

Life is like a good book, filled with suspense and unpredictable events. Most times we don’t even see it coming, but then it does and we get downtrodden especially when we don’t understand why, how, what, when.

Many questions run through our mind. We try to figure it out on our own. We want the world to know that we got this. That we will fix it. That if we really calm down, things will fall into place.

But then they don’t. We become hurt and confused.

This song tells us exactly what happens when we decide to quit trying to untangle the confusing strings of life and leave it in the hands of the one who owns life.

When we “fall on our knees”, we show submission, trust, and dependence on our Father who has already promised to take care of us.

When we fall on our knees, we show submission, trust, and dependence on our Father who has already promised to take care of us. Click To Tweet

We come to the end of ourselves by bowing our hearts and letting him have his way. We choose to follow to follow his will above ours.

And guess what? That’s when things get clearer. Things begin to make sense when you give God his rightful place as your first resort instead of our last. God doesn’t deserve to be our backup plan when our plan A or B don’t work out. We should follow his plans and let him direct us before making any decisions of our own.

On our knees, we choose to worship and not to worry.

Then, we truly “understand better” and see things clearly.

Honestly, I don’t know much about William McDowell, I won’t call myself a fan, but this song totally resonated with me!

Especially because it drives you to your knees to truly experience what the lyrics testify.

Kindly share what the song taught you as a comment, and check out the other songs in “My Playlist” category.


“Falling on My Knees” from ‘Sounds Of Revival II: Deeper’ available now on all digital outlets. Download your copy;

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