Celebrating God and Good Good Fathers

Father’s Day. A special day to celebrate and appreciate fathers. Some children, short of words, end up saying to them, “Thank you for everything”. Father. Some call theirs “Daddy”, “Bábà”, “Appa”, “Papa” or “Papaji”, amongst other endearing names. Regardless of the lingual preference, the word means the same; a male who contributed the seed for the creation of a child.

More than a sire, he loves, teaches, guides, sacrifices and does much more for his child. He wipes away his little one’s tears and bandages his/her bruised knee as occasion demands. His back gladly aches from his/her impromptu horse rides.

Father's Day. A special day to celebrate and appreciate fathers. Some children, short of words, end up saying to them, "Thank you for everything." Click To Tweet

The Role of a Father…

As his child grows into adulthood, he learns to adjust from being a doting parent to a friend, hard as it may be. He equips his child with knowledge about and for life. He prays for him/her. The day he places the hands of his female child into the hands of another, it’s sure to feel like he’s handing over his whole heart. So he teaches her how to choose rightly by being a good example. His sons worship the ground he walks upon; He is their hero. He is not perfect but tries to be. Even in death, his memory is blessed. Or not.

DeadBeat Dads and Father’s Day …

Not. The word “not” carries a lot of meaning in this piece. It introduces an unsavoury example of our subject matter. Be on the lookout. Fathers. Some of them should not be so called for they love not. They are not responsible or present in the home.

Deadbeat Dads. That’s what they are. Remembering birthdays or other special day is a chore for them.They have been “nothinged” in the heart of the child they sired but did not help raise. The child loathes to hear about or from them.

As a youngster, he scurried behind the sitting-room sofa to escape his father’s wrath. As an adult, he deadened his tendency to be hurt by his scathing words. Some fathers introduced their children to sinful pleasures, marring them for life. It hurts to write those very words.

On Father’s day…

Their children find it hard to visit social media because it reminds them of what they lack. Also, they try not to resent friends who have amazing fathers. It’s hard not to – “Yes Lola, You have a great dad. Shut up already.” In fact, they have given up praying for their father to change because that’s not going to happen in a million years. Besides, they are grown ups now, what’s the point?

Deadbeat dads. Words are not enough to describe the lives they’ve destroyed.
If you’re reading this and cannot relate to the “deadbeat dad” part, you have a great father. Congratulations! And yet, you’re still tripping. Always yapping about what he does wrong. Please just stop and go appreciate that man for his sacrifices. He deserves your gratitude.

Deadbeat Dads. On Father's day, their children find it hard to visit social media. It reminds them of what they do not have. Click To Tweet

For the rest of us who can relate, we who have fathers that are absent by choice, you are not alone. Trust me, I understand. How else could I have been able to capture the characteristics of a terrible dad and exaggerate the qualities of a good one? Thankfully, after years of praying, forgiveness and listening to Travis Greene’s “Daddy’s Home”, I am beginning to have a balanced perspective of a good father figure.

Celebrating God on Father’s Day…

When my earthly father went on a frolic of his own, another One found me. You probably already know Him (or not) but let me (re)introduce you. He is God also known as Father – the Father of fathers. The Father who teaches fathers how to be good fathers. He is always present.

God said in one place, “I will never leave you.” Remember how you were favoured by a total stranger? Yeah, He did that for you. He is always at your football/basketball games. He did not miss your graduation day. God loves you more than you ever know. His eyes are always on you. He proved His love by dying on the cross for you.

No earthly father can hold a candle to him, not even the best of them.

Your friend may have the best dad in the world but if she doesn’t know Him as a father, she’s still missing out. All the words in all the books in the world can never describe His love for you. He will always speak well of you. Furthermore, He rewrites your story. He changes the heart and provides strength in days of trouble.

Because of Him, I am more concerned about my earthly father’s soul than my pains. And that my friends, is a miracle, considering the years of throwing myself a pity party and playing the blame game. But I digress. Truth is, this piece can never be enough to explain how much you mean to God or what He will come to mean to you when you see Him just as He is: your Father. But I hope it soothes your pain for being cheated out of a balanced life. Can we take some moments to reflect on who He is before proceeding to the concluding part of this piece?

Final thoughts…

Okay, moving on. Life is hard without a father to guide. It’s true. And one cannot help but feel something is missing. Similarly,the choice of one to abandon their responsibility becomes the cross of others to bear. And I have lived long to know no human can do a great job at that. Only God can; He did so for me and He can do the same for you.

Perhaps you’ve never seen Him in that light, please do. That’s the point of the death of His Son, Jesus on the cross. No space is too big or small for Him to fill. You will come to find out.

Still, shout out to dads who are trying their best to be good dads, you rock. And to the deadbeat dads, we say: “We forgive you but please change for God’s sake.”

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