FINDING ME: Episode 4

finding me
Joke and I began to spend more time together. We began going to a youth church. We even became frequent attenders of bible study on Wednesday. One day, I was studying my Bible when I came across a sentence in my devotional.

You cannot serve two masters at the same time.

It struck me for reasons I did not understand. Of course, God was my only master..
I went to see Kingsley on Saturday. First, let me give you a description of him. He is tall, muscular, well toned and handsome. Seeing him on Saturday, all I wanted to do was to kiss him. I didn’t want anything else. He came out of the house and hugged me. I smiled as he ushered me into his room.
“How are you baby?” I asked as I played with his moustache.
He took my hand away.
I didn’t give up. Everything in me wanted to be with him. How wrong could that get? I moved closer and began to touch him. First his earlobes, then his hands. I could see he wasn’t exactly comfortable, but I didn’t care. I wanted my body to bring him pleasure.
“Arike please stop”
I was taken aback. “Why are you rejecting me? You never used to reject me, K. What’s up?”
He sat up an looked into my eyes.
“Arike, we both know this is wrong”
“But everyone is doing it, K. ”
“We can’t claim to love God and disobey Him, Arike”

You cannot serve two masters at the same time.

The voice was so loud in my spirit, I got the message. My body was my second master. That’s when I realised it. What He was telling me. I had to let go of one master- He or my body.

“I’m sorry, K”, I replied. I could feel tears dripping from my eyes. He was staring at me now. I wanted things to work out between us- better still, I wanted things to work with God on our side. I wanted God to be in support of our relationship.
“Arike”, he began . ” You know that I love you. Lately I have been seeing God in a new light. And I want you to share the experience with me. I believe with Him, everything about our lives will change. Our motives will bow to Him..”
“Baby, I gave my life to Christ last week”
He looked at me in disbelief. “Really? Oh Praise God”, he screamed as he hugged me tight.
We continued talking about our experiences till evening, and then we decided we would meet up again to discuss boundaries in our relationship.
On getting home, the door was open. Which was strange to me, as mum would always carefully lock the door before leaving the house. Dad’s car was outside so I guessed he was home.
I went into my room and prayed, thanking God for making my talk with K a success. So happy we were not breaking up. I was happy he said he was in love with me. As I prayed, I began to hear strange noises.
I got up and I tried to tune my ears to the voices I was hearing. I couldn’t decipher it. Noises, Voices, I couldn’t place it. As I walked closer to daddy’s room, the voices became louder. I smiled.
‘Its possible dad and mum have made up’. I turned around to leave only to hear their conversations.
” You just know how to make me proud sha”..
Then I heard giggles.
“I love you, you naughty boy”
That didn’t sound like mum in any way. I got angry and opened the door immediately.
It was dad alright. He was in the arms of a woman- who was not mum. It was mum’s sunday school instructor, Sister Beatrice.
The heart of man is desperately wicked, who can know it?
I remembered that bible verse. We studied it during bible study last week.
I didn’t know what to do. I ran out immediately, as I heard dad shouting my name. The lady didn’t say anything, at least I didn’t hear her voice. I took a bike straight to the church. It was almost at the church when the bike man became careless. I think he was drunk. That got me scared and I began to plead the blood of Jesus over myself. The bike went off the road into a bush. The motorcycle hit a tree.
And there was a black out.


to be continued, Wednesday 8th Oct

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Written by Oyinkansola Ige

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