Finding The Balance – God, Family, Career

I was just thinking to myself how this year is going so quickly, contrary to what many people think. I was beating myself up because I didn’t meet some of the milestones I set, especially in my relationship with God.  Initially, I was blaming my busy schedule but then I realized, there are a whole 24 hours in a day. There just has to be a way in Finding The Balance – God, Family, Career.

As I thought about this, someone came to mind. There is this woman that I respect so much – a mentor. She runs a paid job (9-5) and an online ministry for families, has a toddler and her husband to take care of, runs a postgraduate course part-time and still has time for God!

As I tried to find a balance in my ‘busy’ life, I came across some lessons that I’d love to share here on Finding The Balance – God, Family, Career.

Among all the things we juggle in life, there is need to realize that only one thing is needful – to know Christ and to make Him known. Do you realize that when you get to heaven it won’t quite matter if you were a banker or a teacher? It wouldn’t matter the number of professional accolades you were able to gather on earth, it also wouldn’t matter if you got married at 25 or at 40. What would matter is your relationship with God and how that translated in another area of your life.

In the Bible days, there once lived two sisters – Mary and Martha. Jesus came visiting at their house one day and Martha was distracted, all over the place trying to prepare things for Jesus. Mary sat by Jesus’ feet learning of Him. Martha came to challenge her and even ask Jesus to instruct Mary to be of help (Luke 10:38-42).  This was Jesus’ reply:
41 “Martha, Martha,” the Lord answered, “you are worried and upset about many things, 42 but few things are needed—or indeed only one. Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her.”

In this life, don't be a Martha. Only one thing is needful - to Know Christ and to make Him known Click To Tweet

One thing is needful – our relationship with God. Do not shelf it for anything else – job or schooling or family. Because all these other things are secondary really – your relationship with God is very key.

And in truth, your relationship with God feeds into every other aspect of your life. So it remains a priority. Anytime, you find your walk with God suffering because of one thing or another, remember this.

This being said, there are certain things God has put in our hands and demands responsibility. One of such is your children. Remember the story of Eli, when the children were doing anyhow, who did God ask? Eli! Parenting is not a role to be taken lightly at all.

With God at the centre of it, your children, family – and whoever else God has placed in your hands should come next. For some people, God has placed in their hands, assignments, ministries. He expects that we be responsible with them too. Remember the story of the talents.

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Understanding what comes where in our lives – prioritization is very key when we talk about balance.

It is worthy of note that in this world where we live, there are many things though meant for our good have become time wasters. I’ll use myself as an example. One day, I was conversing with God in my heart about how this life, Lagos, my job and other responsibilities were wearing me out. And then God opened my eyes to see how I had been seating in the same spot for almost two hours doing WhatsApp/Twitter/FaceBook/Instagram/E-mail and I was shocked. The funniest part was I couldn’t bring myself to add this two hours to all the mindless internet surfing I had done during the day. I started to take caution.

For some others, it may be TV.  Such a one, that week MNet decided to show all the Avengers’ movies would have been a very ‘busy’ one considering each movie was an average of about 90 mins.
For some others, its getting lost in thoughts. So you’d just seat on the bed and think of everything possible. Not as though these thoughts are productive per se… just random thinking.

Who else looks back and realizes how ‘busy’ they thought they were in primary school. The other day, I heard a little girl tell her mom, “I’m so stressed” and I laughed. But the truth is life in its different stages serves us with ‘busyness’ It never stops. So we need to be able to early enough cultivate the habit of balancing things.

We know that we have the grace of God, that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. So we take on life’s situations with strength and grace, balancing it all with no misplaced priorities. Even in our breaking points, we have help in the person of the Holy Spirit. He’s the best partner/helper ever. Maintain a constant fellowshipping with Him and He’d guide/instruct us as concerning how best to juggle through life.

I hope this has been a blessing. Let me know in the comment section how the search for balance has been going for you.


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