Five Non-Religious Reasons Why Sexual Content Is Harmful For You

In the article What I do When It Gets to Sex Scenes in Movies, I wrote about how a one time trusted mentor told me that I shouldn’t close my eyes when sex scenes appear on the screen, as honest as his reason was, it kinda messed me up.

Take it from me, watching R rated movies, porn, even deep/prolonged kissing, caressing and sex scenes in movies will mess you up than entertain you, and here are few of the reasons;

1. It forms/molds your expectations

Do you know how you never wanted to be a basketballer till you watched the movie “Like Mike”, or become a surgeon till you watch “Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story”. The exact same way you don’t want to have sex or masturbate till you watch it in a movie or pornography or read about it in a novel.

No one is immune to what they see. And that includes sex in movies, porn or novels

No one is immune from what they see. And that includes sex in movies, porn or novels Click To Tweet

We are sexual beings. Sexual urges have been wired in us from birth, and except for a case of a very early sexual molestation, you start to become aware of your sexuality when you start to hit puberty.

But do you know what influences how active and when active that sexuality becomes active? Knowledge, be it from being told by someone you know or a stranger.

Porn is the sole source of sex education for a lot of people and if that doesn’t scare us, then I don’t know. Because how many percentages of real-life sex in marriage beds are as they are portrayed on the sex movie scenes? It’s like learning how to fly a plane by watching cockpit scene in movies.

So we have seen reports and read stories of people making difficult demands from their sexual partners because that was what they watched from movies, that was the education pornography and novels gave them.

2. It Awakens/Increases Your Sexual Urges

Except you are not being sincere, porn or R rated movies (with sexual content) doesn’t leave you the same, it excites your brain, it arouses your body, it awakens your hormones, gives you imaginations.

It is like watching wrestling when we were growing up. If you watched wrestling and never tried to replicate the moves, you didn’t watch wrestling.

It works the same way for every forms of information we ingest. It creates a desire, a goal to pursue.

It will always become harder to overcome sexual temptations when you have been consuming sexual content.

It will always become harder to overcome sexual temptations when you have been consuming sexual content. Click To Tweet

3. It gives you a new kind of hunger

Think of porn, erotic novels, sex scenes in movies as an advert, a very good one for that matter.

Ever wonder why after you saw your first porn or saw a nude magazine, but you had to pause to go to class or family dinner, you just couldn’t wait to come back to it? The reason is that a new hunger has been ignited inside you, and this kind of hunger is like a bottomless pit, a black hole, it is NEVER satisfied.

Early and unguided exposure to porn and other sexual content creates a kind of hunger, like a bottomless pit, a black hole, one that is NEVER satisfied. Click To Tweet

No one will get addicted to sexual and nude content of it isn’t so enjoyable and inexhaustible.

And this hunger when not curbed early ruins men.

We have seen cases of people who lost their jobs or marriages because they couldn’t control their appetite for nude and sexual content.

4. It blurs your reality

People who have difficulties socializing in real life take to the world of sex; pornography, live cam sessions and the likes as their place of expression and what this does is to separate them further from the world that is real.

Talking to someone on a live cam session will never be the same as talking to someone in real life because you are paying that person to respond to whatever your request is, they are obliged without any form of objection to talk and respond to you.

Worst still when this becomes your source of education for the real world.

Life on the screen and on the pages of the novels aren’t the same as they are in the real life, they are the product of someone’s imagination, more like a fantasy. Not to talk about the fact that they are performed by actors, as in, actor as a career with directors and other crews.

5. It has ruined lives and marriages.

I have seen tons of articles on the internet about the benefits of pornography and related content, people have argued that it is a form of sex education, so, instead of trying to prevent people from watching them, they should be educated about how to consume them in a healthy way instead.

But the internet is also full of stories of people whose lives, jobs, education, marriages have been ruined by their addiction to pornography and naked and sexual contents. So I’ll rather plea we stay on the side of caution, than see how far we are capable of holding on before the pit falls of the contents fall in.

I hope these points are weighty enough to make you not sent out on that path or to seek help if you are there already.

I’ll recommend few articles here that would help;

Who Says Sin Is Not Enjoyable

Diary of a Dark Horse: My 10 Years Struggle with Pornography



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