For the Minister that is Pained

For the minister that is pained.

In the church today… so many ministers are pained. Some may be because they are doing their best and the result isn’t matching up, some others because despite how hard they try, they just aren’t getting the spotlight. You may have sung in the choir for years but you are always doing a back-up, never led a song. You may also be the minister who has never missed a bible study preparatory class but has never climbed the altar to preach… whatever the came may be, you feel hurt and pained and sometimes, strive comes in.

Here is the major issue:

Judging yourself by the results you see, trying to please people. So when you are ministering and no one is falling under the anointing, you begin to wonder. Some people now go out of line and begin to do all sorts to ‘spice‘ up their ministry all in a bid to shine. At this point, they totally leave the work God sent them and start to do their own.

Imagine if your mom asked you to wash a particular outfit for her that she needed for a wedding tomorrow and you go ahead and wash all the plates, the car and everything dirty but the cloth, you even sweep up to the street where your house is located but you don’t wash that cloth… How do you think your mom would feel when she realizes that the one thing that she wanted you to do was left undone? At that point, the other things you did that were seemingly good would lose value in comparison to that one thing.

Its the same thing with us. God has called us to different ministries. Stay in your place. Whether you are seeing the results or not isn’t your business. After all, you didn’t send yourself. It is for God to do or not to do, don’t burden yourself with results. Just do what has been required of you and hand over to God. Besides, many times we don’t even see half of what God is doing through us.

A little more on the issue of people pleasing:

It is important to note that when you set out doing something with the intent of pleasing people, you have failed even before you commence. Click To Tweet

Who else is there that judges a servant but his master? Too many ministers are bothered about what people would say.  Just focus on Him who sent you, He would be the one who would evaluate you anyways. So don’t stress about who is happy with your work or isn’t… Or whether your own song is danceable or not. Just focus on God. And that’s what brings a difference when you minister, it’s not about the noise. It is more about the fact that you are so focused on God that when you minister, lives are changed.

Finally, give no place to strife.

I know that I don’t know what they’ve done to you in that church but don’t leave in anger. Forgive liberally. When you are hurt, forgive and let go. People are bound to fall and make mistakes, you do too sometimes – don’t hold it against them. Allow the love of God prevail in your heart as you relate to others. Even when there are some ministers who are in the same office as you but are more in the spotlight. Don’t let envy consume your heart. After all, that isn’t what really matters. Stay away from anything and everything that brings strife. Stress stifles even your personal walk with God – talk less of you ministering to others. Nothing puts out the anointing, like strife. Avoid it like a plague.

In service, whether you are being treated right or wrong, serve as unto God and not unto men. Click To Tweet

I hope this blesses you! Do share with your friends so it can bless others. Don’t be stingy with a good thing. Ciao!

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