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Five serious staring adult friends --- Image by © Steve Prezant

Five serious staring adult friends — Image by © Steve Prezant

Something struck me and I must write it in the next line concisely, before all my ramblings and further ramblings.
I was going through people’s profiles on Facebook (As a pseudo-habit, I sometimes stalk people on the social media to see how they are doing presently) and something struck me as I got to the page of this particular young lady. I saw ‘friends since’ 2012. That phrase is what has inspired me to write this. You may find this strange, but I hope you won’t after reading this article.
When Facebook was newly launched, literally everyone sent everyone a friend request and because it was either rude not to accept or it seemed weird not to, you accepted. So I am guessing that’s why I and this person became friends on Facebook. It’s not like I don’t know her at all – it’s just that I don’t particularly like her and she is not my friend (i.e. when you examine the word “friend” in the dictionary). So, when I saw ‘friends since 2012,’ a lot of thoughts sprung up. It occurred to me that a lot of us are like that- we claim to have been friends with people or we claim they are our friends, yet they don’t know the first thing about us. They don’t know what is up with us now and the one that hurts the most is that even those that are our friends could observe us straying, with visible proofs of our posts on social media, and say nothing.
I am not a huge fan of social media, but social media has made it possible for even random people to know what’s going on in one’s life, so one can actually tell when another person is going astray. Please let me say this. If you observe your friend straying, or someone that said ‘Christian, God lover or Jesus lover’ on their status straying, do something about it!! Or at least, get in contact with the people that have the opportunity to do something about it!
People wonder why I am no longer on Facebook. Well, the reason is that somethings I see about people I used to know breaks my heart (I am not being judgemental here, just being truthful). Our girlfriends wear clothes that expose their bodies and we are the first to ‘like ’ the picture? Our guy friends use the “F” word and we comment “lmao” or “lwkmd”?  Instead of messaging them immediately and asking them if the picture represents who they are in Christ, or if their words season like the salt they are, we decide to like and make depthless comments. And then we say we are “friends”? That’s an irony, don’t you think?
The truth is that when we do the wrong thing and no one disapproves, it begins to seem right and our consciences begin to accept it. Please guys, I understand the pressure from the social media- especially Instagram (LOL), and the craze to have as many likes as possible (I have been there, I almost got depressed because of it at some point). Please ask God for help, confidence and self-esteem shouldn’t come from the number of likes or comments you have on your “post”. Please, don’t compromise your stand on the altar of popularity and social media!
As I was writing, something also occurred to me, I won’t expatiate; it’s just a food for thought.

If Jesus Christ had a Facebook page and you were friends with Him (You have accepted Him as your Saviour), would it merely read, friends since 1900 or would it be true that you have been friends since 1900?

CONFESSION: I have always wanted to be a speaker all my life, to be called to speak, to be quoted, and to be acknowledged, and because I have done some stalking today, I am not exactly sure of what I want the most out of this post- whether it is for us to learn or for me to be popular. Hence, I specifically asked Tolu to help me remain anonymous and please, don’t ask for my name.

Thank you. Hoping you’ll leave a comment below.

Miss Anonymous

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