Fun Ways to Celebrate Easter

Even as the Easter period draws closer, and feelings of nostalgia fill the air, let us not forget the reason for the Easter season.

The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is the reason for which the Easter period came about, and even as we get lost in the festivities that come with the Easter season, we should always have this at the back of our minds.

With that being said, let’s get down to the awesome ways by which you can celebrate Easter.

  1. Travel to the village: Lol, just kidding abeg. I have spent virtually all my life in Lagos, and so, I find every possible excuse not to go to my hometown. My hometown is like 10 hours from Lagos, and although I love road trips, that is one trip I avoid like the plague.

You might enjoy going to your hometown because your grandma will stuff you full with Easter food, or maybe you just want to go because you actually like your hometown. Just make sure to have lots of fun, and have the reason for the season always at the back of your mind.

  1. Do an Easter barbeque: This would be a great idea. The fact that it’s different from the cliché cooking that is normally done within the family home is what gives it an air of excitement.

Invite family friends, neighbours, church members, and even random people over for the barbeque. There is always a lot of fun when a whole lot of people gather together to celebrate a particular happening.

  1. Visit an orphanage home: One of the reasons for the season is Jesus’ love and selflessness. His willingness to put his feelings aside and go ahead to give his life for us is such an amazing thing.

We can reciprocate this love by showing it to others, especially those who would very much appreciate it.

  1. Hold an Easter service for your family: As the sun begins to rise on Easter Sunday, hold a brief Easter service for your family. Distribute scriptures that tell of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ to everyone, and ask them to share what the scripture means to them. You could also assign different parts of the service to each family member. Someone could sing, another could read scriptures, another could act as an usher e.t.c
  2. Make live videos of the festivities at home: From the cooking to the Easter service at home. The whole family could make a live video of how the day is going. These videos could be uploaded to Snapchat or even Instagram. If you are not able to upload the videos, they could be saved and watched later

This activity absolutely guarantees a lot of fun.

  1. Let the kids prepare dinner: Try and overlook how messy your kitchen could get, or the plates that could be broken. Let the kids make dinner (with your supervision of course).Who knows, something edible might actually come out of what they cook.
  2. Attend Easter events: This necessary does not have to be church service. A whole lot of activities will be set up for the Easter period. It could be a concert, a play, or even a musical. But make sure it celebrates the essence of Easter.

Do have an amazing Easter, and remember that the death and resurrection of Jesus is the reason for the season!

If you do plan on following any of these ideas please share below how they helped make Easter fun. I would absolutely love to hear from you.

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