Gaise – Sex Talk

Here is Sex Talk; a thrilling piece, performed by Gaise Baba at the Rhyme and Reason Concert 2016, The Excision.
Some say you’re the weaker sex…
it doesn’t mean just any guy should get a Yes
Can’t say, the reason why he sends you texts
might just be to get in-between your legs
Be careful, lest you fall for a devil,
even if he’s richer than Aliko
Or finer than RMD, your best gift is still your dignity…
preserve it, like an inflated balloon
If you prick it you can’t fix it in the salon.
The fact that a guy has a car he drives, doesn’t mean he should take you for a ride
You know what I mean, all those flimsy lies,
like he calls you my sweet potato pie
Uh-Uhn? You know it’s made from flour, if you yield he’ll be done with you in one hour
And then you’ll feel so very cheap, because you didn’t stand your ground and quit
These are words of wisdom straight from God,
to you through Gaise, it’s not my word
I’m just a vessel in His hands,
and I walk in accordance to his plans
I bring the moment’s message for all clans
and I hope that you truly understand…
I sincerely hope you know,
that I’m not on this flow to spoil your show
It just hurts to see these precious beings trading their values for worthless things
For cars, money, blinking blings,
they subject themselves to sinful things
Now when the deed is done, in the morn, your eyes clear after the minutes of fun
Why not treat them like jewels that they are,
not like the drinks you consume at the bar
She’s not a house and you the landlord,    all that you do you’ll give account for
Besides you gotta be careful too,
cos a girl can also be a devil too
Sent with the aim to distract you
from seeing the bright future in front of you
Now she’s got cute lips, nice hips, and flips on her hawt legs
And you’re thinking what you gon’ do cos she looks too good for you to lose
Not everything that glitters will be gold, so be careful next time you’re feeling cold
If you go for sex you may lose your soul, don’t say that you were not told.
I beseech you folks to present your bodies, holy, acceptable, your reasonable service
There ain’t need to expose your bellies, just because it’s displayed on the tellies
Check songs on the radio, musical videos,
all they scream is sexual innuendos
That stuff called premarital sex,
sounds better as suicidal sex .
Why should your fountains be dispersed abroad,
like throwing your substance across the floor?
For every drop of white that you pour, you’re losing life and much more
If you seep around all your life, then what would you have left for your wife
Like slaughtering your future with a knife, it’s your fault it could be for life!

To Watch more videos from Rhyme and Reason Concert; CLICK ME

Media Team:

Camera 1 – Odutola Femi (@Pheragamo)

Camera 2 – Ojapa Jonathan (@iamjodeep) and Oludapo Tolulope (@tee_Abraham)

Post Production and Editing: Ojapa Jonathan (@iamjodeep) and Ashimole Uche (@ouchezy)

Featured Image by: Ijeoma Amagwula (ije__)

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