Gawvi – Lost in Hue (Album review)

lost in hue gawviGawvi released his debut EP, a 4 song project on Friday, July 29 and as a Reach Record and gospel Hip Hop/Rap enthusiast, I bought the album and here below is my review, song by song.

1. Late Nights

After listening to this song over and over again. I think I get it now. I was wondering how some lines added up. For examples, “…got me up on late nights, but you always saying lies, this gon be your last time“. I’m like what’s @GAWVI telling us. I may be wrong, but the meaning seems to me like darkness (meaning late nights), those times when the devil comes to deceive, lie and all that. And the fact that we fall for it sometimes. So this song is like (I’m using like because I’m not sure) a reply saying … ?  This gon be your last time!? . It also seems to me like a song of victory of knowing the enemy’s antics and singing aloud to it ? oh!!!!!! I don’t care what you gon say… In the late nights hours?

2. You Are ft. Stan Johnson 

Your love knocks me, knocks me off my feet ?. The chorus that keeps playing on and on in my head so I get this one very well. No matter the devil’s lies, nothing can separate us from God’s love.

3. Out my mind ft. Jordan Powers

Seems like a response to YOU ARE. Like if God’s love is like this, then it will make me go out of my mind. Something like God’s love is something I don’t want to recover from.

4. In the Water 

Jesus is that water that once you drink from, you never want anything else. I mean, like nothing can give as much satisfaction as Jesus. It also states that God’s love is unconditional. Another I wasn’t clear on is I didn’t know if it was Something in the water or surfing in the water… Lol but I get the drift.

Note that this review is how I feel about the LOST IN HUE Album. @Gawvi might have something else in mind. I see another word play “Lost In You”.

In conclusion, this album is colorful. I appreciate that @GAWVI sees beats like colors. Hence, the Lost In Hue idea. I don’t think he intended race in the color concept of the album cover but yeah, the artist always have something in mind creating and its cool when it is interpreted to an extent.

Thanks for the album @GAWVI thanks for being a blessing.

Lost in Hue EP by Gawvi on Apple Music

Lost in Hue EP by Gawvi on Spotify

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Review by Okenwa Igbokwe

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