God Doesn’t Joke With The Kind Of Men He Gives Custody of Our Hearts To

“God Doesn’t Joke With The Kind Of Men He Gives Custody of Our Hearts To”

A Man of Integrity

A Man Who Hears and Obeys God’s Voice

A Man Who Walks In Purpose

It’s been three months since we launched The List and other amazing sub-books. We being the awesome sisterhood I’ve grown to love, The Women At The Well. And yet, I find myself still amazed by the unbelievable truth we found in our study of biblical husbands. In a nutshell, it turns out that God’s standards for His daughters’ mates are beautifully high, taking nothing but His GRACE to meet them.

A Man Who Prays For You

A Man Who Is Ready To Put In The Work To Win Your Heart

A Man Who Loves God More Than You

What great love is this! As if Christ’s death wasn’t enough, our Father doesn’t joke with the kind of men He gives custody of our hearts too; to lead, nurture and protect them with His ability.

So in case you ever doubted for a second, let me be the one to say that you are precious, lady friend. You too, my brother, because God isn’t partial when it comes to pre-wed specifications. A revelation of this is enough to get your attention in an instant. I know it did in my case.

A Man Who You’re Attracted to

A Man Who Allows You to Flourish

A Man Who Accepts Your Flaws

Now, after reading this, someone may ask this interesting question, “At this rate, are you sure it’s not Jesus Christ you all are going to marry?

I hear you on that one. I really do.

But here is the thing… I am technically in Jesus already. In human terms, I don’t expect “perfection”; after all, I’m far from it myself (something we touched on in another sub-book Becoming God’s Kind of Woman). But because I’m in Christ, the person I’m spending the rest of my life with must be found in Christ as well. We must both have hearts sold out to His use as we progressively grow in His fullness. It’s really that simple.

With all that said, I look forward to the stories of beautiful Kingdom marriages in our generation. Frankly, we need more of these because the divorce cases making the rounds are appalling. I also invite you to dive into knowledge that will keep you firm and steady as you make the commitment to be LIGHT this way.

P.S. Top off your knowledge with some spirit-led Prayers For Your Future Husband (or wife as applicable). Special thanks to my TWTW sister, Frances Okoro, for penning down this blessing. I can’t wait to see her, the others and maybe you at our next meet in May.


Ify Halim is a passionate Christian writer and content strategist in the city of Lagos.  I’m also a fan of travelling, the media and meeting new people despite my introverted-ness. You can follow my journey of learning and unlearning at www.ifyhalim.com. There, I share my reflections on love, faith and living a purpose driven life as The Indigo Fount.

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