The first serious I love you I said, I don’t mean the kind I tell my mum every opportunity I get, but the romantic type, was on the 14th of February 2011 to a very pretty damsel that has the voice of an angel and the heart of a goddess. Things didn’t work out between us by the way, not that it didn’t but…never mind 😉
Now looking back, did I really mean that simple phrase? Or was it just in a bid to get what I wanted? Was it out of the spur of the moment, or boiling testosterone? Maybe I did and maybe I still do. Please before you judge me, what exactly did I know about love? If it’s that tingly feeling, or always having her image in my head, calling her on phone till I exhaust my airtime. I actually discovered my poetic skills chasing her :). Less than three years after, we hardly go beyond “Good morning, how are you doing?” anymore.
While still wondering what that magic phrase means. To President Grant in the movie series “Scandal”, I love you means “I’m sexually attracted to you, and I can’t seem to get you off my mind, just want to touch you, hold you, feel you…” so is that what love is? Or is that all about it?
I still believe that the phrase “I love you” is one of the greatest lie mostly told if not the most. Ask an average young man confessing his love for a lady what love is and you will be surprised to discover that it is just a means to self satisfaction (not in all case though). What percentage of love is motivated by selflessness? That is not even the point, how do you profess what you have no idea of. It is just like telling someone “I envy you” without having the slightest idea what the word ‘envy’ means.
I learned from my number one role model Bishop T. D. Jakes that the first step at making the best decision in having adequate information. Have you ever made a decision that felt so good and just right, just to get more information thereafter about it then you feel out-rightly foolish. Just like acquiring a gadget just to discover that it doesn’t have the features you actually needed it for.
Before blindly popping the magic phrase “I love you”, here is my advice; Take your time, learn, research. Time spent learning is never lost but invested, lying patiently in the future, in order to prevent you from wasted days by reason of wrong or a hasty decision.
Like my favorite relationship quote, “you can never be wrong by being a little more patient – Tee_Abraham”
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