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new yearThe year 2015 was beyond amazing for recording roof-breaking records and feedbacks beyond what we projected, having been read from 154 countries of the world by over 62,000 unique visitors and monthly view that grew exponentially across the year to more than 30,000 pageviews, and all this was a proof of one thing; that the blog is truly giving life.
One thing that kept us going is that one person out there i.e. you, being blessed by our website.
The team therefore is making a renewed commitment to not withholding on the “very little” we can do to bless one more person. And this will be very visible in our content and consistence in 2016. Our vision is to be the one-stop Christian website for all your Christian and inspiration content cutting across all writing fields and aspect of life.

Here is our message from each of our contributors and staffs to you;

Dear Readers,

2015 has been a year filled with laughter and tears, pains and joy, acceleration and demotion, and lack and plenty. One thing that remained constant is God. We thank God for the grace He has given us in lifegiva to help meet your need in one way or the other.
I pray that year 2016 will be one filled with greater works and elevation. I wish you a very bright and an excellent new year.
Yours Lovely
Ajayi Adebayo (successbayo); Ignite With Successbayo

Dear readers,

It is said that life ought to be lived in groups. In teams and in communities. And with, I believe you have found a community, more like a home where you can find an article or even more that relate to your situation. For this, I thank you. I salute your boldness. I respect your bravery. For you to have opened that article, or surfed through our collection of God inspired literature, then you must be brave. 2016 awaits you. It is the DO-ing year- where you get to apply all you have learnt all over again. Life remains a gift, we remain grateful, and we remain loyal to the one who endued us with such a beautiful gift.
We love you. Happy 2016
Oyinkansola Ige; Chief Editor
It’s been a long year. Busy, Full, Promises, Challenges, Triumphs, Inspiration, Smiles, Tears. 2015 was salad! The meal is done, take a deep breath. Pause.
Okay, bring the quality stuff with you next year. *whisper* only the quality stuff.
See you then.
ToluKumuyi; Anchor, Little Things, Big Lessons.

Thank you Dear Friends,

I am grateful to all of you who make up the network of readers to whom I am connected.
To everyone who followed The Journey to significance series from the beginning of the year till now and kept sending encouraging emails and messages, I appreciate your comments and feedbacks. They mean a lot to me.
I am so grateful for the founder and the writers whose works have been of great inspiration to me and to think I’ve been of some inspiration to others is humbling. Thank you!
Words cannot express how grateful I am to the God of all inspiration who gave the wisdom and the grace to consistently contribute to on “The Journey to significance
Its my prayer that the coming year 2016 will be a greater experience for us all from Glory to Glory.
God bless you.
Adekunle Dara; The journey to Significance

Dear readers,

With the deepest gratitude in the universe, I say a very big thank you for being a huge part of all through the year 2015. It has being awesome and amazing working with you, conveying the Word of Truth, Love and Hope to us all. Thank you for being a part of this growing community, and I hope you continue with us all through the year 2016 and beyond. I wish you a more glorious, prosperous, and peaceful Year 2016.
Yours lovely, ”
Victoria Alli-Johnson; Lifegiva’s Operations Manager

Fellow Lifegivas,

I remember being approached by one of you this year concerning how blessed you have been by a post I was privileged to do and how much action has sprung up from that one message. I cried. I cried because no one was there to form big boy for or to see me cry *lol*. The number of people that call in (even yesterday) just to tell me how they spent their day on and how they received answers to the many issues they couldn’t speak about. Paul puts it right when he calls those who listen to him and do what he preaches the “fruit of his apostleship”. You are the fruit of ours, we thank you for rolling with us. Keep rolling with us.
Grace ‘n’ Peace.
Jonathan Ojapa; UpNepa


I deeply appreciate you who believes in what God has placed in my hands. It amazing to have a family with you in it. You’re deeply loved by me and I would continue to do what I do. You’re very important and honestly talents/gifting are not limited to Music, dance, drawing/painting, writing, speaking etc. There’s something you have to offer that those around you are waiting for and it would be a privilege to do so. I’d also like to pray for you : I wish that your life aligns with God’s plan in Jesus name even as you believe Him. Amen.
2016 will be full of anxiety and worry, but we would overcome because of Jesus and his word. His Spirit in us will show us where to go. Keep sharing our posts from, someone is being blessed and may never tell you so. I love you!
Okenwa Igbokwe; Contributor, Poetry (Eclipse of the Son)

Beautiful people,

It is of great privilege that I am one of those thanking you for being wonderful all through the year 2015. Reading through all your comments and seeing your likes was like a pressure to a pump. You all have been amazing, especially you.
2016 is here, and it means more life to give. Why don’t you continue and also invite others to join in, it’s gonna be a blast. Happy new year!
Obadote Esther ; Journalist.

Hello Readers,

There is no day that passes by that I don’t think of dis, that after all our earthly travails, whether you were rich or poor, popular or a beggar, married or unmarried, life of a party or a loner, no matter your opinion about life, no matter your career (politician, engineer, athlete e.t.c ) only 2 things will matter in the end, HEAVEN Or HELL. And in this life if one is not striving for the kingdom of heaven then he or she is striving for the kingdom of hell.
So for me personally Matt 6:33 would be my driving force for the year 2016 and I hope it would be yours too. Have a blessed and prosperous 2016.
Oshone Oshiogwemoh; Anchor, Christians in Sport.

Dear You,

I am so privileged to have been a part of your world in the year 2015. There’s nothing more precious than knowing that another person’s life is being affected by that which God is doing in your own life.
I remember thinking to myself many times, wondering if I had anything to offer the world. In my mind, I was very inadequate. Well, the bad news is that I was right but the good news is that it was and would never be about my adequacy neither will it ever be abut yours.
So, let’s walk boldly into this new year, trusting The One who called us and chose us for Himself to walk through life with us. It will definitely be worth it.
Let’s do this Lifegivas!!!
Oluwaremilekun Olaniyi; Contributor.

Dear LifeRecievers?,

We wouldn’t have come this far without you all.
We can’t read our post ourselves you know. Y’all remind us that we need to consistently keep sharing life and light to the world. It was a great 2015 on Let’s do 2016 together. Tell your friends to catch the train. (We are running according to everyone’s pace. There’s something for everyone) ???
Ifeyinwa Amagwula, Contributor.
From myself and every other staffs and contributors that couldn’t get their personal messages across, we wish you a Happy new year, and we pray that your achieve all your spiritual aspirations, live at the feet of the master like Mary, and in-turn shine as light to your world.

We love you sooooo much.❤❤❤

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