#WCW – HEATHER LINDSEY, The 360 Degree Woman

In the midst of ‘multitasking’, which is the lifestyle of every married woman (and every Pastor’s wife), it is so very easy to comfortably let loose of our ‘packaging’. I mean, let’s face it squarely. A baby to nurse (every two hours, God helping you), two toddlers to always keep in check, the groceries (oh no, and the laundry too!), church services in-between (Mehn, we can’t run in late for this one oooo, as per role model na, mother in Israel), care of relatives and to crown it all, meeting up targets in your career-path. We narrowly have maybe just thirty minutes or even less, to give attention and care to our personal effects. As in, one can simply go ‘insane’. But with Heather Lindsey, it seems like this multitasking lifestyle doesn’t hinder her from enhancing her ‘womanliness’. How? Well… Let’s find out.

Heather Lindsey is an adopted country girl that lived on a dirt road with zero ministry connect, whom God used to start a ministry. She is married to Pst Cornelius, mummy to Logan and baby Taylor. She founded Pinky Promise, which also runs a boutique ( She started a church in Atlanta with her husband. She authors books and travels all over the world sharing Christ. With baby Taylor, Logan, Husband, Church, Ministry and Business to take care of, Heather seems to exercise a matured sense of time management and effectiveness. “Why did you say that? “, you may ask. Here’s why.12294621_10207787936843925_7212959940550966977_n

Our Pastor’s wife creates time for working out, during and after pregnancy (chai…), going to the salon (new looks never elude her; makeup, hair…), picking up new accessories for the week (I mean, that some details; accessories for the week ke?), goes out on a date with her husband, goes picnicking with her family, and yet all other pressingly important responsibilities still gets taken care of. That’s why we have her books on our shelves (at least, some of us), lots of women are being ministered to via the media and as she travels from one place to another. And still, her family stands as a model for lots of people desiring to build a home or already have one and are trying to make it a better home.

So, the key lesson here, dear readers, is effective time management. When we are able to invest in being properly organized, our outlook, carriage, appearance (and any other description there is), will not be left unattended to. If you still doubt this is possible, just take a look at Heather Lindsey.


Heather and her earthly king Cornelius Lindsey ??



At a wedding ceremony with Logan.


Heather was made the cover of Rejuvenate magazine and named one of the top 40 under 40 in ministry!


‘A lot can happened in one week’ – Heather Lindsey. With consistent work out during pregnancy, her body was able to heal up quickly.

@heatherllove teaching a message on Empty Words & staying connected to God.

“One hour to get packed and leave the house. Twenty more minutes to get in the car. Twenty more minutes to get out of the car. Three seconds to snap a photo where we appear to make it easy. Lol” – Heather Lindsey


“This gorgeous soft leather at Lily Jade Diaper Bag, is everything. Inside, there’s a diaper bag organizer that is removable so when the babies grow up, it turns into a purse! I also love that it converts to a backpack and I can keep my hands free with my two babies” – Heather Lindsey. Now, that’s some investment into being organized and effective with time, schedule and tasks.


“My days consists of lots of laundry, a little princess, spit-up, an un-made bed due to mini naps throughout the day and diapers. Lots of diapers. Cheers to some imperfect photos about the reality of a newborn. Still got dressed though. Got to keep it right for the hubby… and me.” – Heather Lindsey.

Therefore, beloved readers, is announcing Heather Lindsey as this week’s (and our first ever) #WCW (Woman Crush Wednesday).

Here’s why, in case we lost you through the plenty yanz. She exercises a matured degree of time management and effectiveness…as per 3600 woman. So, for those of us who are looking for how to balance business life, career pursuits with personal, relationship and family life, we have a role model.
Side Gist from Tolu: When I started this blog in January 2013, I followed just 2 blogs, and hers was the No 1, Heather passes as the Role Model for this blog.

Check out Heather’s pages;

Instagram: @heatherllove
Twitter: @HeatherLLove
Facebook: Heather Lindsey
Youtube Channel : Heather Lindsey

Who will be next week’s #WCW/ #MCM? Be on the look out! ??

All Pictures from Heather's facebook page

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