How Can You AVOID Getting Hurt Emotionally? – The Questionnaire


How can one be free from getting hurt emotionally?

I believe the lady asking this question is coming from the relationship angle so I will answer it from that perspective to give an answer that’s specific and that can apply to the various situation.


Scenario 1 – You are not in a relationship

You are not in a relationship, but guys keep coming around. Whatever the case is, I know it can be hard. It is easier said but it can be done.

Try not to expect too much from someone that has said and have shown too little. A hug isn’t equal to he wants to marry you and all those funny things that the Internet portrays as signs he likes you or whatever.

Take things easy. Trust God to have his way. Be patient. Even if you fantasize about him, come back to reality and tell yourself the truth. Don’t start seeing signs that are not there.

Pray to God. It may look like I am introducing a part that “isn’t necessary,” my dear it is very necessary. Tell God what you cannot tell friends. Tell him about your interest in this guy that probably doesn’t like you that way and that you don’t want to get hurt and that you trust him to help get over the emotions for the guy.

These are practical tips, not just typing tips.

Because getting hurt can start from anywhere. Whether it is the guy that approached and isn’t serious or the girl that started liking and expected same level of liking…whatever or wherever it started from never expect too much from what has not been agreed on or properly sealed. It reduces head and heart ache.


Scenario 2 – You have been in several relationships, from one break up to another.

This part you have to do the work of being sure and being patient before saying yes to a guy. Because if a girl is getting hurt severally, it is because she is also entering several relationships, which is absolutely unnecessary.

So what to do?

Be patient. You already suffered one heartbreak, don’t think that the next guy will heal you; you’re “expecting” unrealistic things.

What you have to do is heal and get better and grow more in God. Your first reason for existence here on earth is for HIM so get to know what he wants you to do and keep doing it and enjoy life living out the gifts God has given you.

Bottom line, Get Whole! When you are whole in Christ you cannot be divided by anything or anyone. Besides understanding that you are complete in Christ will help and guide a lady in making better choices in life generally especially relationship choices.

Jesus will heal any lady’s hurt. He loves you just accept Him.

Hope you learnt a thing or two, we would love to read a comment from you.


#MM: The Best Way to Prevent Heartbreaks

Kindly contribute as a comment below.

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