How God-full Should Bae be?

There are so many slangs and short forms of saying stuff that I am scared I can’t keep up, but I guess bae is pretty popular. Whether it is baby or bae or boo or just b, we all know it is referring to that person that makes your heart go skrrr paaa……

Basically, this post is addressing unmarried people and as believers, that would mean someone you are in a relationship with hopefully tending towards marriage.

Not so long ago, a colleague was talking to me about someone she was in a relationship with and was saying, “..the worst part is that he is a christian.. they can just be the worst… blah blah“.

Now I hear that a lot and I think to myself… Does saying “I am a Christian” automatically mean is a child of God or is a godly person?

The days we are in are the days that have a lot of people claiming to be Christians but living really ordinary lives. I am not talking about morality now, I am talking about people living lives without the Spirit. In Romans 8, the bible says….” as many that are led by the Spirit, they are the sons of God…

This means that as Christians, we are led by the spirit of God. Click To Tweet

So when you are looking to go into a relationship, you should not just say because he/she is a Christian, I am fine…No

My mom would always tell me, a man (or woman) who doesn’t have God as his anchor can go anywhere in future irrespective of what he professes now.

So the responsibility lies with you to be spiritually sensitive and discerning. Watch out for signs of spiritual maturity and stability. You know the way you’d look out for how financially stable he or she is, do the same for the spiritual. Can he spiritually lead (for the sisters) or support (for the brothers) me? This is highly critical.

A man or woman who doesn't have God as his anchor can go anywhere in future irrespective of what he professes now. Click To Tweet

It shouldn’t be that as a lady, you’d go into a relationship or agree to marry someone who you’d be dragging to church or begging to do devotion when he is supposed to be your head. When you have children, you’d be swamped: trying to grow in the faith and lead your children aright and yet, you’d be begging someone to do devotion.
Or as a brother, you’d marry a lady whose heart isn’t with the Lord. In the end, even your own spiritual walk is affected because marriage is a ‘yoke-ing’. It is a union, a coming together.

How possible is it that when you want to go somewhere your head, leg or hand isn’t willing to go? That would mean no one is going nowhere or at the very best.

Would love to read your opinion as a comment. Kindly leave one below.

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