How I Fell In Love With Death

I know you’re wondering how someone could think of saying something that sounds like the title of this post, but I can and I’ll tell you why.

When I understand my enemy well enough to defeat him, then in that moment, I also love him. – A. E Wiggin

?This quote is from Ender’s Game, one of the best movies I’ve ever seen (and I think you should)  and describes why I’ve overcome the fear of death.
The issue of death is one usually pushed aside to the corners of our minds where we never ever mistakenly stroll into, but the truth remains this, you will die someday and I will die someday too. So why fear death?
I’ve had my fine share of the fear of death and trust me, those days weren’t the best days of my life.
I remember being on journeys especially by flight and for the entire duration of flying, I had my heart in my mouth…… What if this pilot just punched on a wrong button, what if this plane just crashed, what if…. What if…. What if I just died……. I feared that fear!
For my youth service (NYSC) year, I was posted to Jos, Nigeria and for anyone who is familiar with northern Nigeria, you would know that that’s some kind of suicide mission but that was one of my first encounters with overcoming the fear of death. I spent a total of 12 months and 2 extra weeks (just to show I wasn’t scared of dying anymore ?… Lol) in Jos, and they were some of the most awesome times of my life. I learnt so much, from independence to the realness of the human nature, got close to my purpose and God’s calling on my life and of course, I met an awesome, handsome young man I love soooo much (love you Dee?). There were over four bomb blasts, 3 of them close to where I lived and several bomb planting scares in their tens but I stayed. Was I scared? Sincerely, at first, yes I was but I got to think of it and realised that I had prayed about coming to serve in Jos and God had given me His backing, also I have this strong deal with God (we want to feed the world! ?) and His word says “faithful is He who has called you, because he will definitely do it”, He also says He will never go back on His words and that His yes is yes and no is no. The fear of death will only hinder you from taking the next step in life.
Hebrews 2:14 says:


Hebrews 2:14

And Hebrews 2:15 says:

Hebrews 2:15

This scripture just reminds me that  the fear of death is not a new flu and also that I’ve been redeemed from that kind of lifestyle.
Here’s how I got redeemed :
I embraced life. 
I believed in life (Jesus is life). 
I let Him show me His purpose for my life (Once you find purpose, it’s a whole new level of working and walking with God). 
I believed in that purpose (Jesus + purpose = overcoming the fear of death). 
I found Hebrews 2:14 &15
I feel that the reason most people fear to die is because they are on wrong footing with God (and it’s not just with sin but when you aren’t walking in purpose, that’s a level of wrong footing with God), but if you’re not on a wrong footing, then it’s a consciousness matter, speak to yourself in the authority that you already have in Christ because the only thing you stand to loose if you die in purpose today is the sting of the flesh!
When you show love to your enemies, they get sceptical and suspect your every move. That’s how I am today, because I understand how to crush that fear, I think what you should rather dread is an inadequate life, spend time loving to live.
I love death so much, he fears me now!

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