A dissatisfied with his job

A Doctor dissatisfied with his job

I want a better job. I am tired of receiving paltry sum as salary. Look at people that I am even older than, they have made it yet I am still a pauper. I am totally fed up with this job. It is as if I am not a graduate. I wonder when it will be my time.” These were the words of a young graduate who was unable to secure a befitting job. He exploded when he was spitting his vituperation on fate for being unkind to him. I suppose these are just his words, rather the words of countless of us who want better things in life; more of almost everything. We tend to complain of not getting the type of job or lifestyle we want. At times we become weary of our quagmires because we want more.
I have had series of discussion with people and most times, when I inquire on what they do for a living, what I hear is ‘I am managing, ‘we are surviving’ and the host of other nauseating phrases. This suggests that many are uncontended with their lives; what they do for a living or what they are getting out of life. Well, it is not a crime to feel that way.I used to have a colleague and all what he complained about is his job; the pay is small, it is too stressful. He wants to live in a better apartment, own a car, among other good things. At times I just have to change the topic of discussion whenever he started reeling the litany of wanting more.

Young woman holding a help-needed sign

Young woman holding a help-needed sign

Everybody, including this writer wants more. We all want better health, more wealth, more assets, more influence, more knowledge, and so on. In fact, to some extent, we are all Oliver Twist. A peep into the lives of our politicians lends credence to this. After amassing ill-gotten wealth, they are never satisfied. So, it is no surprise that Economics believe that “human wants are insatiable”. It is not an anomaly to want more or desire better income but one thing that is unsavory about most people that want more is that they do little or nothing to have more. They only bemoan their plight instead of thinking of how to salvage their pitiable condition.

It is one thing to complain and it is another to take decisive action. Those of us that want more seldom take time to find out why we are where we are; what it takes place to have more. According to Brian Tracy, to have more, you need to be more. The law of motion states that “for every action, there is an equal or opposite reaction”. That is to say you get what you gave. You cannot have a different result if you continue doing the same thing in the same manner.

Overwhelmed with work

Overwhelmed with work

Life itself is give and take. Even the Bible recognizes this when it says that “you reap what you sow”. This applies to other aspects of our lives. Whatever you are not comfortable with, do something new about it rather than wallowing in self-pity and degradation as it will only compound your problems. This may account for Nigeria’s dire state as we continue to recycle our leaders. In other words, be solution oriented other than problem oriented. See every problem as a challenge or opportunity by being an optimist. An optimist is one that sees opportunity in every difficulty while a pessimist is one that sees difficulty in every opportunity. The route to greatness is never devoid of hurdles.
Do not be afraid of taking risk. As Ben Carson would say “the biggest risk is not taking risk at all.” He believes that the world belongs to risk takers not risk evaders. A pastor said something that got my mind racing while addressing young graduates. That one interesting thing about the youths is that if we fail in a venture, we can always start all over again. It is no surprise that the Bible posits that the glory of the youths is in their strength. That is to say we are resilient. So if we are truly resilient, why should we be scared of trying something new?
Remember, Thomas Edison, the inventor of the light bulb tried 999 times before getting it right and when he was asked why he had failed up to 999 times, he said he didn’t fail, arguing that he only tried different ways of doing it right. Back home, the president-elect, General Buhari, didn’t find it easy as it was his fourth time (after changing tactics) that fetched him what he wanted.

As you desire more today, I implore you to be more by adding value to yourself or by changing the way you do things as not doing something new is tantamount to being comfortable with the status quo. Don’t forget, he that takes the same route all the time will continue to be seeing the same people. You can have more of whatever you want if only you can be more.

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Written by:

Emmanuel Onoja

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Thank you for reading. I bet it was worth every moment spent on it. I’m really looking forward to seeing your comments.

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