How To Reach The Whole World

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India Travel Pictures

News Headline: Reinhard Bonnke Live in Atlanta. Thousands saved and filled with the Holy Ghost

You: Oh Boy! I’d love to reach the whole world just like that.

When, how and where will that happen?

Perhaps you are one of those who have come to understand that the believer is called to do the work of the ministry.

You probably worked and served in a word based campus fellowship and you were fortunate to grasp this inherent truth amidst Holy Ghost meetings, laying on of hand sessions, eye opening teachings and instructions, life changing programs, agallio moments, group fasts and evangelism, travailing prayer sessions, heartfelt worship.

You didn’t miss out on the essence of living, our purpose as believers. How could you? It was the resounding theme in every tenure.

You know all the scriptures that point to our assignment, you can teach it, from Phillipians 1:9 to 2 Timothy 3 to 2 Cor 5:15 and more.

Deep inside you, you want to affect your world for Jesus, on a large scale. I’m not referring to those who just want a quiet life with a good career, family and evangelism once in two weeks. I’m referring to those who at some point made a decision to be active in kingdom business wherever they are, major stakeholders in the work, locally and most desirably globally too.

Yay! We are going to take our world.

But you are still in school, you are waiting to be called up for NYSC, or you are already on it, you are looking for a job, you are already working and living comfortably, in fact you’ve settled down

There is never a better time than now to bring to reality those convictions God set in your heart. Stop searching for the perfect time. Trust me on this- you will never wake up on the stage in front of millions of people, or wake up as author of tens of books, minister of great influence, pioneer of churches all over the world, world shaker, renowned evangelist and seasoned teacher, etc,  if you keep “waiting for the perfect time”.

Likewise, you wouldn’t achieve any of this without painstaking commitment and diligence to the things you have learnt.

Oh yes, you’ve heard it before, Big things start small. You know, you just can’t wish away days of preparation and perseverance, that’d be absolutely unhealthy for you.

Why did you decide to choose this path anyway?

I want to be like Pastor…It looks cool…I felt so emotional after that Holy Ghost meeting, I just decided to…My friends are doing it…Well… I want to be recognized…I’d love to rule the world with fame, money, influence…I’m a good talker, I’d be good enough for the work…I have great charisma, people listen to me…Or I am convinced that there is no other way to live.

I’d say boldly that what you do now mirrors your convictions and point to what the future would look like.

What are you doing with what you have now?

To what use are you putting your social media accounts?

What are you doing with your free time?

What percentage of devotion do you give to prayer, to study, to spiritual development?

What are you spending time on?

What’s your commitment in your local church like?

What are your associations like?

Where are the people you are getting saved and discipled?

What are you doing to achieve God’s big dream and plan now yours?

Don’t bask in past achievements. Reach for more, there is more, there is a harvest.

Your dream will not descend on you. Actively fan the flame of your convictions, stir up that fire, renew the zeal and start to reach your world right now where you are.

Partner with someone if you may. Stay accountable as you do. Then your profiting will appear to all. It will be clear those who are greatly committed as opposed to those in it for the fun or popularity of it.

He died for us so that those who live would no longer live unto themselves but for him who died for them and rose again.

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Written by;

Grace Okeme

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