Disclaimer: Biko, I shouldn’t be held responsible for your going late to church on Sunday just because you are trying to look stylish o.  Alright leggoo.

If you fall into that category of people who spend countless hours in front of their wardrobe every Saturday evening thinking of what to wear, relax this post is for you. In fact it is for everyone and anyone who wants to look dope to church and still be God’s list. This will take you straight to His heart. #winks

So how do you rock a pencil skirt to church?

A pencil skirt that shows you write your own rules is a must have for every lady. To make the most out of this piece, keep in mind these guidelines.

1. Your body curve: Pencil skirts hug the thighs and tend to give the lower curves more definition, it is advisable to stick with black skirts or skirts with darker colours and pair with a bright coloured top. This takes the eyes off the lower curves upward.

2. The length: Do you feel comfortable writing with a very short pencil? So why do a short skirt and worse still, to church? To what end? There is a huge difference between above the knee and beneath the knee. Keep it decent so that you don’t lead “brother holiness” into temptation.

3. Fitting: It’s always advisable to pay attention to how the skirt fits. If its too big, its loses its style and if it is too tight, it leaves you with bulges thighs and stomach. Get your perfect fit.

4. Play with colours and patterns: If you are bold enough to want to step out and try something new, then I advise you go all out. However know your complexion and colours that blend. Darker ladies are advised to go for bright colours.

5. Pay attention to slits: This affords you the opportunity to move freely. Don’t be like me that finds it difficult to board a bus or bike just because I wore a pencil skirt. Nonetheless, keep the slit moderate.

6. Tops: Since the skirt is already fitted, try wearing loose tops. Peplum tops are always nice also. They can take you straight from the office to the mid-week service and even works for a Sunday service. The flare of the peplum accentuates the waist and hides the hips.

7. Tuck in or out: Whether you tuck in or out, you still look good. But I am tucked in biased. However, stick to what you are comfortable with

8. High waisted skirt: Learn to blend your high waisted skirt with shirts or loose tops.

9. Wear a matching shoe, flats or stilettos goes. Combine with a nice handbag or clutch and you are good to go.

Have fun rocking that pencil skirt to church.

Thank me later *wink*



The Science Of Looking Good

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