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Image by Sonja Pacho/Corbis

Image by Sonja Pacho/Corbis

You probably noticed that you get a little uncomfortable when you read your Bible in public or in a class. Just a tid bit uncomfortable. You fight the urge to look around and wonder if you are being watched.

Or you find it super difficult to have your quiet time in your room shared with roommates.

Preach in your class? Never! That’d be the death of you.

You shine, and your prowess is out for all to see, but only when you are at Bible studies, and church groups and prayer meetings.

You are mute in class, your room, the relaxation centre.

When you are out there in the world, you tailor your speech and action to suit popular demand, but in church, you are a Christian, you uncover your light for all to see.

There was a time in secondary school when I was uncomfortable with having Christian-like things on my wall or status. I didn’t talk about Jesus too much, for fear of being ridiculed, branded a Jesus Girl or worse still a spirikoko. I wanted to belong.

What did I stand to lose? Popularity, acceptance. Well, I don’t know when the transition for me came but it came with growth, a deeper understanding of who I am and what I have.

Today, You cannot but know that I’m a believer. It’s in my smile, my talk, my action, my values, my priorities. Everyone knows, I really don’t have to scream it, it just shows. It gets for me the right kind of company and keeps off none like- minded people.

In the words of my Dad, ‘Why should I feel awkward about reading my Bible on the train, when the Briton freely reads his newspaper or paper back novel on the train?

Today, I try to make the most of every opportunity to share my faith.

I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ! It is the power of God unto salvation. So when it reflects in my talk, inspires my excitement, don’t be surprised. When I get passionate about living a purposeful life in Jesus, don’t appear lost.

Then there’s a category of lukewarm Christians I encounter. I say lukewarm because they need a little more fire that comes with understanding and growth. They look at you just like an unbeliever would and they either despise you or make it look like you make them appear cold.

You hear things like: well ‘I’m a Christian too’, ‘I’m not a sinner’, ‘are you the only one?

Encountering fire should create a corresponding spark in you, not resentment or justification for your cold state.

I’m not talking about ‘Bless you brother’ remarks or legalistic doings. I’m talking about a real passionate fervour for the things of God that brings with it a glow, liberty and shine

So don’t tell me that I am deep or spiritual, what are you?

You sound like a very good Christian. Who are you? Wake up!

Neither look at me as one who has lost it or who is plain weird.

I’ve had to evangelize Christians, remind them why they are here. Show them that it’s abnormal to be a Christian and be cold. Completely cold towards the things of God

It’s possible to be young, beautiful, gifted, smart, and be given over to the Lord.

It’s called a wasted life by some, but that was just what Jesus did with his for me.

When the system of this world comes round to snuff our light, (it would surely come) we lift it all the more for the world to see.

So I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ

I am unapologetic

I am Totally Christian.

#NotAshamed #TotallyChristian #Unashmaed

Written by;

Grace Okeme

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