Portrait of male student, sitting at desk in classroom --- Image by © DUEL/Corbis

Portrait of male student, sitting at desk in classroom — Image by © DUEL/Corbis

Principles well-articulated makes success predictable.  -Ajayi Adebayo

Hello friends, I welcome you to another session of IGNITE SERIES. This is the first edition of Ignite series in 2016. I see a glorious and a productive year ahead.

I will like to remind you that success grows from Inside-OUT.

Today we shall be looking at FIRST THING FIRST. In order to avoid the mistakes you made last year, you need a proper foundation. Have you noticed that some persons naturally succeed every year while some persons keep struggling? The reason is because the former has a proper understanding of what is called “Principles”. In other words it is only by taking control of our decisions that we take control of our actions. A lot of persons are still in the same level they were 5 years ago simply because their though pattern have refused to change.

I will share with you today somethings I have gathered some time ago and they have worked for me and still working for me. Fasten your seat belt and let’s go on a journey;

  • Planning

Planning cannot be overemphasized, you are not permitted to experience what you are not prepared for. Make a conscious effort to write down your daily, monthly and yearly goals. As simple as this may sound, it is the greatest asset of any successful individual.

  • Faith

Your green pasture in life lies between God and your hard-work. Show me a man without God and I will show you a man that has not future. No wonder the psalmist said that “The lord delights in those who hope in His unfailing love”. Choose to serve your God diligently this year and forever with everything you have. Visit Him via prayer and via the study of His word.

  • Friends

As simple as this may sound, most people are suffering from this attack. I will divide this into two:

a). Friends below you: life is full of inequalities, hence there are some of your friends you are above most definitely. So how should you treat them? Pray for them, help them in any way you can. Don’t feel too comfortable above them. Stay humble and keep in touch. Remember what Job did in the greatest book

b). Friends above you: Just like you have friends below you, you will have some ones above you. You should remain humble to learn from this set of friends because they have some principles you need to learn. I personally sow financial/material seed into this category of friends’ life for impartation.

Keep your friends.
  • Networking skills

This is a major solution for unemployment. Networking is the act of communicating with people to learn or to stay informed about issues, training, opportunities, and resources.

Some of the vital networking skills needed in influencing our communities include; ability to work effectively in a team, ability to access opportunities, ability to respond rapidly to changes, effective communication skill, ability to meet deadlines, ability to accept self, ability to understand and leverage personal style, ability to deliver value, success competence strategies and ability to showcase your expertise.

The networking skills listed in the paragraph above are crucial attributes that can be utilized in building a sustainable community, once a person accept self, values self and he/she is committed to building a lasting legacy then everyone awaits such individuals solution to existing problem in a society. Networking also involves building and maintaining contacts and relationships with other people and this gives an edge over others. The personal networks which an individual accumulate over time, both socially and professionally can be an invaluable resource. This applies to entrepreneur who are looking forward to start and grow new venture, or those looking for a job, or working on a project where external ideas and input can help.

I want you to know that; the more you Know, the more edge you have has an individual.

I am looking forward to seeing you next week. Have a productive week.

From your Coach.

Adebayo @successbayo

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