Ignite with SuccessBayo #15- MAKING QUALITY DECISIONS

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“The decision of a man’s life determines the turns out of the man’s life.” Share on X

Hello friends, I welcome you to another session of IGNITE SERIES. Am sure you learnt a from the Mentorship series last week. Clear, definite decisions are true turning points in one’s life. Today we shall be looking at MAKING QUALITY DECISIONS.  The future is molded by the bricks of our daily decisions whether consciously or unconsciously we recognize that fact. Decisions are simply the choice we make after considering it and other possible choices.  The world decision came from the Latin word decider meaning to “to cut off”. It means to change the course that will get you to your destination. Your destiny is the endpoint; decisions are vehicles that will take you to your destiny. Decisions are very important because most people who have failed in one area or the other is as a result of poor decisions.

One major reason why it is imperative for humans to make good decision is because of the effect of their decision on themselves and their immediate environment. Imagine the life of children with parents that makes bad decision, imagine the output rate of an organization with slothful board of directors, and imagine the quality of the development of a nation with bad set of leaders. Your decision is not just for yourself. Please for the sake of God and those you love, make a commitment today to make quality decision and to make them always.

In order to make good decisions, we need the following ingredients. Please journey with me as we explore some vital ingredients needed.

  1. Vision: It is easier to make quality decision when you have an established vision for your life just as it is easier to know the route to take when you know your destination. Many people spend too much time at crossroads because they have not seen the destination. They keep weighing the options for too long and sometime miss the relevance of the decision to be taken. Let me illustrate, suppose a young lady has a vision to have a Christian home and raise godly children, then an atheist comes to pop a marriage proposal to her, it is easier for her to make a decision because the destination has already been set. Set rationales for your future life decisions, so when the options surface, the appropriate decision will be made even at spurs of moments.


  1. Quality Information: Sometimes we are faced with situations where we don’t have an already set rationale for the decision to be made, or we have multiple options that meet our criteria for the decision. The decision here is not to differentiate the good from the bad; but to discern the better. Information about both options is needed in massive amounts. Have you heard someone say “If I had known, I wouldn’t….?” yes, maybe you have said that before. Well I have, severally. But the truth is not that we are incapable of making quality decisions for ourselves, but we weren’t equipped with the facts that would have enhanced our decision-making process. Go for knowledge. You can’t make good decisions with poor information. Get as much as you can get. Don’t jump into conclusions, sit and know what you are doing and why.


I personally think the old advice “when you don’t know what to do, do something” is just ridiculous. Never just do something and hope it works; it is the fastest lane to a life of pain, frustration and regrets”. Am sure now that you know better, you will do better.

Have a blessed week. Hope to read a comment from you. See you next week

From your Coach.

Adebayo @successbayo

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Image by © Simon D. Warren/Corbis

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