IGNITE WITH SUCCESSBAYO #16 – Academic Development

Image by © Scott Stulberg/Corbis

Image by © Scott Stulberg/Corbis

I welcome you to another session of Ignite Series, I am sure you have been enjoying a blessed February.

Every man that became great made a conscious effort to be one. Share on X

Today I will be sharing on Academic Development in regards to its misconception with spirituality.
Education is one of the major keys that guarantees a rich and fulfilling life. The devil has however made some people to believe that failure in their academics is a sacrifice made for their ministry or spirituality as the case may be.
Some other people feel they can’t combine spirituality with their academics because it will be a distraction, so they feel decide that when they graduate from school they’ll become spiritual.
First of all, let’s get things straight. What do you understand by spirituality? Is it in the reading of your bible or in speaking in tongues or in attending all service units meetings or in being a leader of a spiritual group? Your understanding of what spirituality is will determine if you will be able to or how well you will be able to balance the two.

Many times our definition of spirituality actually leads to so many errors we make. For me, Spirituality is about putting God at the center of my life, more like the control tower of my life. He determines what I do in every area of my life.

Spirituality should never be privatised as it is the custom of many. - @successbayo Share on X

Once privatised and secluded, it becomes an empty religion. The essence of your spirituality is to be like God, please Him and bring glory to Him.

Note that the bible never said let people see your “spirituality” and give glory to God but it says let people see your “good works” and glorify God. This therefore reflects that spirituality is the starting point for any good work we would ever achieve. Your spirituality should culminate into good works.
Your spirituality is the starting point for any good work you would ever achieve. Share on X

Now that we have had a mental shift as to what spirituality is, I think we can take in the other points.
  • Do you see God as your heavenly Father? If you do, then know that He is as interested in your academics as your earthly father.

God is as interested in your academics as your earthly father is - @successbayo. Share on X

  • Ask yourself “if I  fail in my academics, am I  representing the personality of my father “God”? You are “born of God”. Being “born of” represents a source. It means your source is God and He’s definitely not a failure. Even when Jesus was in the midst of doctors, it was stated that they were surprised by His understanding and answers. How do you think God must have felt at that time? Of course He would have been proud of His son Jesus. He wants you to make him proud also.
Ask yourself, if I fail in my academics, am I representing the personality of my father God? Share on X
  • One principle I always follow is this “Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well“. If u think 4 or 5 years of your life is worth having value then why not give in your best. Upon graduation, whose name will be on your certificate. Of course it’s yours. Would you  be happy to see your name against a “failure coated” certificate?
  • Don’t use “spirituality” as cover up. Many students are just lazy. They don’t want to study so they get themselves engaged in as many spiritual activities as possible just to while away time so they won’t even have any extra time to study. Then the next thing would be the ‘God -understands-story’. God doesn’t understand excuses. Dan Wilder once said ” Excuses are the nails used to build a house of failure” . Also Dr Oyedepo said “Every word of God concerning us is a promise; it is when we fulfill our part that it becomes a covenant binding on God. Prov22:29.
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See a man diligent in his business He shall stand before kings and not before mean men”. Your business at this phase of your life is your academics.

  •  Finally, a wise man while preparing for an exam once said “pray like you have never read and read like you have never prayed“. For those of you who feel u can’t combine spirituality with academics so you will rather face your academics and do spirituality later; The truth is that all the success I  ever recorded in my academics was because I  was spiritual. I put God at the center of my academics and He directed me severally on what to focus on and also gave me favour when my scripts were being marked. In the words of Ben Carson,
All the success I ever recorded in my academics was because I was spiritual - Ajayi @Successbayo Share on X

However when we have done our best, we also have to learn that we still need to rely on God. Our best- no matter how good is incomplete if we leave God out of the picture”.

If you truly understand spirituality then you will know that succeeding in your academics and other endeavours you  find yourself in at any point in time is highly spiritual.

Have a blessed week. Hope to read a comment from you 😀 .
See you next week

From your Coach.

Adebayo @successbayo

Divine Intervention in Academic Studies – A Christian Guide to Academic Success

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