Image by © Laura Doss/Corbis

Image by © Laura Doss/Corbis

“Until our eyes see, our ears hear and our hearts grasp, things cannot move from the invisible world to the visible” ~Sam Adeyemi

Hello friends, I welcome you to another session of IGNITE SERIES. Recently I have had to counsel some persons and the root cause for such counsel was traced to depression and frustration due to their inability to maximize their “pictured future”. I strongly believe that there are seasons when we all have to wait. The issue is not the waiting period but the absence of Vision while waiting. Today we shall be looking at HAVING A VISIONARY SIGHT.  I will share some stories with you;

There was a woman called Helen Keller, though born blind and deaf, she lived a very wonderful and successful life. She was the first blind person to ever earn a degree of Bachelor of Arts. She was able to rise beyond her limitations to live a fruitful life. Someone asked her what could be worse than being blind, she said “Having sight without vision”. That is having physical eyes widely open, without being able to see possibilities beyond current realities. Without a reliable vision, progress is not in view. It can be likened to movement without advancement. The foundation for improvement, change and progress is VISION.

The president of Coca-Cola named Robert Woodruff, during World war made a powerful pronouncement “I see a vision that wherever soldiers are 5yrs from now, they will be able to buy bottle of Coca-Cola for five cents”. They made it and then he expanded the vision and said “I see people all over the world being able to drink Coca-Cola”. That is how Coca-Cola expanded because one man was able to see what naturally speaking at that time did not make sense at all. My mentor once said that “Until our eyes see, our ears hear and our hearts grasp, things cannot move from the invisible world to the visible”.

Our past failures and painful experiences have tendency to erect barricades in our mind. The truth is that your past does not dictate your future. It’s what you do today that opens the way for tomorrow. But you need to change your approach if you have been getting unfavorable results because traditions and past failures have the power to frustrate vision. Primitive methods you have used before frustrate your capacity to innovate. Another thing I have noticed is that most people do not have a flexible mind with God. Without that you can’t create the future. It’s only in your imagination that God can take a duplex and a new car and match it with you when you do not even have a room or a bike. You have to absolutely focus on the future God have for you. Visualizing the limitless nature of God is the greatest way to live a life of Heaven on Earth.

Visualizing the limitless nature of God is the greatest way to live a life of Heaven on Earth. Click To Tweet

In conclusion, start where you are but do not stay there. It is not a crime to start small, but it’s absolutely wasteful to stay small. You are too loaded to end with just a little. Your tomorrow will be better than your yesterday.

Have a visionary week. See you next week

From your coach

Adebayo Ajayi


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