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Hello friends, I welcome you to another session of IGNITE SERIES. We are already in the fourth month of the year and I am sure your “pictured future” is coming to reality.  Living a life of impact is a necessity for anyone that desires to truly live. Many of us live in a land of unlimited opportunities, yet we are too blind to see them. David Oyedepo once said “A blind man has no sense of value for the treasures around him”.

I will be listing out 6 steps for impactful living.

1. Assignment

This is what you are called to do, some people call this purpose but it is an assignment in the actual sense. The first key for living a life of impact is the identification of your assignment. You need to have something doing. Not doing anything at any particular time only shows you are clueless about your assignment. Your assignment is what showcases the application of your skill.

A man without an assignment is on a holiday in life. - @SuccessBayo Share on X

2. Commitment

 When you give a man an assignment, he would be committed. Commitment is a very crucial step for making the most of your life. Only a committed man can be known for what he does. You need to be faithful and diligent in your assignment no matter how small it is. You are permitted to start small but you should never remain small. Only the diligent workers are permitted to dine with kings.

You are permitted to start small but you should never remain small - @SuccessBayo Share on X

3. Creativity

Once a man is committed, he then becomes creative. Creativity is not having an entirely different idea but having a simple or dynamic idea that brings an outstanding result and significant impact. Everyone can be creative only if you set your mind to work. Charcoal and slate were the old means of writing until some people thought of markers, biro, pencil, books, boards and many other means. Groundnut was only consumed in the olden days by chewing it raw or taking it with “garri” but now we have groundut butter, groundnut oil, groundnut as a means of power “biodiesel”, groundnut chocolate “snickers” e.t.c. Zig Ziglar said, “Just any dummy can succeed, if he cares to know what it takes.”. You were born to be great.

Just any dummy can succeed, if he cares to know what it takes - Zig Ziglar Share on X

4. Productivity

 Only a creative man can be productive. Your productivity is directly proportional to your creativity and the hand of God upon your life. If there is no result then there is no respect, no proof and no point. You need to be able to isolate your consumers from your customers. Your consumers are those who appreciate what you are doing but cannot pay for it while your customers are those who love what you are doing and are ready to pay for it. Productivity connotes result. Your Productivity will attract both consumers and customers so be wise.
Your productivity is directly proportional to your creativity and the hand of God upon your life. Share on X

5. Success

Productivity is the measure of success. Hence you can call a successful man a productive man. If you want to make the most in life then you should make your life count. David Oyedepo once said “All you need is to acquire the relevant information, coupled with the intelligible application and a sense of mission”.

6. You are ready for a life of impact!

Therefore, a man with an ASSIGNMENT and a high level of COMMITMENT will be CREATIVE, if he is “distinguishly” creative, he becomes PRODUCTIVE and his productivity makes him SUCCESSFUL, when he becomes extraordinarily successful, then he becomes IMPACTFUL.

I see you getting better. See you next week

From your coach

Adebayo Ajayi


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