Image by © Push Pictures/Corbis

Image by © Push Pictures/Corbis

“It is our duty as men and women to proceed as though limits oceed as though limits to our abilities do not exist” ~Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Hello friends, I welcome you to another session of IGNITE SERIES. The year is full of more pleasant surprises so get ready. Responsibility is a vital force for success in any area or field. It is the manager of other core values. It works hand in hand with discipline and integrity. Today’s topic is “Response plus ability.”

 I will define responsibility as your response ability to the things that you face or those that have been entrusted to you. A wise man once said, “Destiny answers absolutely to personal responsibility and it is not just about kick-off but about sustenance“. That goes a long way to say that responsibility is the highway to destiny. Are you able to respond to the task laid before you, your career? Your business? Your studies? Think about this and make a decision to respond and not react to every situation set before you and you will be able to record success.

Responsibility is a sister to time management. A responsible man is always time conscious, diligent and he understands the task entrusted to him. In scriptures, responsibility is portrayed as highly important. We can see this in 1 Tim 6:20(NIV), “Timothy, guard what has been entrusted to your care…”. Here, Paul was instructing Timothy to be responsible. A responsible leader does not behave like the people he is leading.

Let’s consider some qualities of a responsible man;

1. He positions himself for opportunities

The Encarta dictionary defines opportunity as an advantageous chance and a combination of favorable circumstances or situation. From the definition above we can conclude that opportunities are scarce, they don’t happen often. As such, we need to effectively maximize each and every opportunity that comes our way. I am glad to inform you that opportunities are not lost but are only transferred to individuals who will utilize the favourable conditions effectively. A farmer who does not take advantage of the fertile soil when planting crops has finally sowed seeds for the birds to feed on.

Every idea you get is a chance for you to nurture it till maturity. Every giant and massive innovation begins with an idea. The result of your life is simply the product of how you manage the opportunities that come your way. Isaac Newton invented the law of gravity by taking advantage of the situation on a certain day as he sat under a tree. He was curious after an apple fell on his head as to how objects fall down. This led to this discovering THE GRAVITATIONAL LAW.

For youths, studying is an opportunity which must be maximised as the brain works better at a young age. Someone once said, A man that wakes and meets success is not asleep“. This implies that something had been done before the man went to bed. When you utilize opportunities efficiently, there is always a time to rest. Proverbs 6:6-8 explains the wisdom of the ants and how they store food during the summer.

2. He makes quality decisions

“Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision. “Peter Drucker (1909-2005).

“The decision of a man’s life determines the turnout of the man’s life”. Definite decisions lead to the true turning point in one’s life. The future is molded by the bricks of our daily decisions, whether consciously or unconsciously. Decisions are simply choices we make after considering alongside other possible choices. The word DECISION came from the latin word “decider” meaning to “to cut off”. It means to chart the course that will get you to your destination. Your destiny is the endpoint; decisions are vehicles that will take you to your destiny. Decisions are very important. It is possible to have a glorious destiny but not attain it because of poor decisions.
One major reason why it is imperative for humans to make good decisions is because of the effect of their decision on themselves and the people in their immediate environment. The truth is that “your life is not your own” and “you can’t do just what you want with it”. The world is filled with people that have been greatly affected by the decisions of others either positively or negatively.

To be continued next week……..

I see you getting better. See you next week

From your coach

Adebayo Ajayi


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