ca. 1995 — Gold Medal — Image by © Duomo/CORBIS

Hello friends, I welcome you to another session of IGNITE SERIES.
The month is still new, so permit me to say happy new month. Today, I want to discuss with you something I have captioned: THE PATHWAY OF CHAMPIONS.

A champion is someone who gets up when he can’t. – Jack Dempsey.

My first encounter with the quote above by Jack Dempsey turned me on, figuratively. “A champion is someone who gets up when he can’t”.  Is it not obvious that a price has to be paid in order to get to our level of significance? Only those who are ready to get to the extra mile are permitted to benefit from the treasure hidden in the extra mile.

Many at times, a lot of people are willing to pursue and possess the price of greatness but they are not ready to encounter the thorns and valleys that look so fiery on the way to greatness. The truth is that every courageous step also has some degree of risk attached to it. A great man once said “If you are waiting for risk free moments, you will never move.” The truth is that the lesser the risk, the less valuable the results, but greater risk produces deeper encounters. Simon Sinek once said that “Champions are not the ones who always win races-champions are the ones who get out there and try. And try harder the next time…and even harder the next time“.

‘Champion’ is a state of mind. Champions compete to best themselves as much if not more than they compete to best others. Champions are not just athletes. Champions refer to every single person who want to better their best. This is the reason why some persons’ results are always predictable even before the task is executed. To confirm, look at the lives of champions like Usain Bolt, Messi, and Bishop Oyedepo.

Gold medal --- Image by © Thom Lang/CORBIS

Gold medal — Image by © Thom Lang/CORBIS

The King of Kings once told one of his servants to send people to go and spy out the land, exposing them to risk. But only the courageous ones saw the giants and every single thing that looked like trouble as opportunity for triumph. Every move into a higher phase of life involves sacrifice, which is also a risk born out of courage. Courage is the path champions take. If you’re courageous, you will be positive.  You carry the torch of a champion. You may not fully recognize it, but it is with you, wherever you go. Its fire is your winning spirit.

Within you lies a golden ore of potential. Uncover it. Mine it. Let your burning spirit meld with your potential to forge your own winner’s medal. Now you are ready to become a champion. The torch will guide you on your way.

See yourself wearing your winner’s medal. Feel it, enjoy it and know its value. This medal is your permission to win. The secret of winning in life is that, first; you must believe you are…
I want you to know that;

Everyone that wakes and meet success was never asleep.

I am looking forward to seeing you next week. Have a successful week.

From your Coach.


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