trip lee the good lifeI am the kind of person obsessed with good music, Hip/Hop, Rap… this song by Trip Lee, titled iLove, is one of my personal favorite from Trip lee, one with deep lyrics and a beautiful flow, but for a very long now, I just didn’t know who/what he was referring to. Read the lyrics, listen to song (download if you need to) but tell me what the lyrics mean to YOU and probably what you think he’s talking about, and the best interpretation(s) gets a reward 😉 
PS: What i want is “your personal interpretation” of the song, not necessarily who/what he is referring to, so you don’t need to go about sniffing the internet for meanings, thus killing the fun. And to those that know the “real” intent of the song, please don’t spoil the fun for the rest of us. Thank you.
Click here to download –> Ilove
Yessir, you know who this is

This is iLove
Yeah you know woman iLove

Yeah, my girlfriend’s name starts with an “I”
Shines bright like stars in the sky
Stays by my side, when it’s dark she the light
She befriends many and we get lost in her eyes
Starrin’ at her, ‘stead of watchin’ our steps
Run toward her when we wake without catchin’ our breath
She’s addictin’, the truth, we’re fiends
And we ain’t sniffin’ glue, we’re just glued to the screen
She rules us, she the proof with your rings
Probably take two of her over two human beings
Her sisters, some bigger, some smaller
Stickin’ with ’em daily to keep her in order
Get her when she drops even if we can’t afford her
Ask me if I really need her, I be like “sorta”
But when I seen her at the mall, head to quarter
I keep her in accessories, your boy do spoil her
I want her in my life, I’d do anything for her
Forget about a dime, boy she more like a quarter
With her all the time and ain’t nobody cooler
See her a lil’ jealous man, and I don’t wanna lose her
So instead of spendin’ time with others
She only let’s me talk when I talk through her

But iLove
But still I, still I, iLove, I love her
I love her so much, I don’t need nobody else
Try to put her down but can’t help myself
Come on, you know woman, iLove, I love her
I love her so much, I don’t need nobody else
Try to put her down but can’t help myself

She’s really affectin’ how my life goes
She controls me, I might go, psycho
I can’t think now, mental light bowl
Wady thoughts are pushed out by her light shows
Communities gotta take a back seat
I tried to talk to others but I’m feelin’ mad weak
‘Cause I was something I could laugh at, something I could look up
She keeps me entertained until I barely ever look up
And when I tried to get up in the text
She’s tappin’ on my shoulder, like “Read another text”
Look, I thought she really be the best
I told her she a heavy ball and chain ’round my neck
She got mad like, “You got a better date? “
I had to man up, time to regulate
Look, I told her if she ain’t gon’ let me meditate
Then for my sake, we gotta separate
Don’t wanna hurt her, I don’t wanna abuse her
But she’s only there for me to use her

You know who this is, iLove, I love her
I love her so much, I don’t need nobody else
Try to put her down but can’t help myself
You know who this is, iLove
I love her so much, I don’t need nobody else
But I gotta put her down just to help myself

Who/What do you think is Trip lee’s girlfriend according to this song? I can’t wait to see your comments.

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