In Search Of PURPOSE

Image by © Richard Cummins/Robert Harding World Imagery/Corbis

Image by © Richard Cummins/Robert Harding World Imagery/Corbis

Somewhere in the interiors of a slum sits a poor woman, who is gradually becoming grey. She’s known poverty all her life. Her eyes follow the stray hens that cluck about as they tour the compound. As she clutches the faded ends of her wrapper, she muses on life’s meaning and cannot seem to find any fulfillment in life’s toils evident in her rough, blackened hands and her stooped back.

Somewhere else in the posh surrounding of a mega city, an influential middle-aged man leans back on the recliner. Luxury has been his only experience. He puts down the day’s newspaper which has his profile featured. He sips his soda, as he muses on life’s meaning and cannot seem to find any fulfillment in life’s toil evident in the reassuring presence of escorts, catalogues of awards on display in the shelf and assets sprawled over all the country.

In both ways, the search for fulfillment and satisfaction is frighteningly crucial as no one wants to come to the tragic conclusion of having lived a wasted life. Likewise, the conclusion for both is same. A life lived without purpose is empty and vain regardless of how simple, poor or rich and influential such a life seems to be. In a frantic search for fulfillment, many look in all the wrong places and devote time and energy relentlessly to different pursuits only to end up with the same void.

However, this is not the story of the believer as life lived in Christ is fulfilling. Success for the believer is clearly not in money, fame, accolades or accomplishments. When a man gets saved, he becomes God’s son and receives his nature and life. At this point, he is no longer dead in trespasses and sins, his life is expressed in growth and understanding of his new found faith and sharing God’s love with others as one who is a grateful recipient of this love.

Success for the believer is clearly not in money, fame, accolades or accomplishments. Click To Tweet

God will have all men saved and come to the knowledge of the truth. He has given us this mandate on the platform on this word: GO!

Mark 16:15-17 Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature… and these signs shall follow them that believe, in my name they shall cast out devils, they shall speak with new tongues; they shall take up serpents, and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them and they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.

This instruction is meant for all believers, not a select few as most would love to believe. As we live our lives here on earth and invest in our desires and aspirations, we must do well to grow in the things of God and devote ourselves to the work of the ministry. This is what would count after all.

Friend,  run a purpose check on your life and pursuits today.

A life lived for Jesus is a meaningful one and true fulfillment comes with giving our all to the Father’s call.

Written by; Grace Okeme

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