Coming soon (5)Here are 25 Lessons I have learnt from running

  1. Not all purpose (vision, big things) start out as flashes of genius, or huge eureka moments. Some are just stumbled on by accident- or rather, started without you knowing the potential involved.

  2. Dreams are in phases. A baby is never born fully grown and a man was once a child. Let your baby grow, let your expectations match up with the age of your baby. Lifegiva had 18k view in its first year, 120k in its second and over 280 in its third year.

  3. That you face lots of oppositions and difficulties is not a proof that the dream was never meant to be. Oppositions exist to be overcome. I’ve practically had one difficulty or the other all through my blogging experience.

  4. Before money, the most important factor to the success of every dream is “people”; The right people. Everytime had a leap, it was because I met someone who shared in the vision.

  5. Not all counsel is for you. Not all successful strategies/methods are for you. If it’s not in line with your vision, discard it without remorse. I have been advised to follow the Nigerian blogging pattern many times- which I politely declined.

  6. Testimonies and positive feedback are the lifeblood of any vision. Honestly,  I would have given up countless number of times if not for people’s testimonies.

  7. When you find people who are willing to contribute to your dream without selfish gain, solely because they believe in you or/and your dream, please, embrace them, they become your family.

  8. Different people will come and go at different phases of your vision, it is very okay. Don’t hold it against them, it doesn’t make them bad persons. Their time to be with you is just over. Keep in remembrance and appreciate their time and contributions while with you.

  9. Be open to suggestions on how you can achieve your vision, there are a thousand and one ways to achieving a singular vision. However, when it comes to changing  your vision, be extra cautious.

  10. Your competitors are not your enemies. They can be a partner of leverage to achieving more than you could ever do alone.

  11. Do not be shy to ask for help. A lot of times, we expect people to know we need help and when they don’t, we hold it against them. All you probably need is to ask for help.

  12. Be plain and open to your team members on the state and progress of your company as much as possible. Carry them along.

  13. Do not take confrontations as a means to shut you down. Confrontations can be a huge tool to examine and further re-affirm your conviction of your vision.

  14. Make do with what you have per time. Do what and all you can with the little resources at your disposal.There was a period of six months when I  blogged with a terrible Blackberry Touch with bad keypads. I survived.

  15. Celebrate every little progress. Don’t wait till all your to-achieve boxes are checked.

  16. A vision built to meet people’s need will always  thrive.

  17. In real essence, your vision is not for you. It is for the beneficiaries of the vision. Always put them ahead and you will see progress and fulfillment.

  18. Don’t discard the counsel of the aged. Your vision might not be in the scope of their exposure or experience, but their wisdom is ageless.

  19. Seek expert advice. You can’t and don’t know everything.

  20. At start up, learn to be able to do almost everything your vision requires (even if it’s to a small skilled level). Leaving vital part of your vision entirely to others can turn out catastrophic if they disappoint.

  21. Accountability! Keep account of everything. Be accountable to somebody.

  22. You need to decide how much commitment you need to give to your dream; partial, full. This always varies at different phases of the the vision and how much you desire to get from it, or rather, how far you desire to push it.

  23. Your dream will make you uncomfortable (there are NO two ways about that)

  24. Nothing grows on its own (except weeds). Everything that will thrive must be built/grown, with patience and consistency.

  25. The growth of your vision is directly equivalent to your personal self-improvement. Your vision will feel the impact of every step you take to learn something new and become better.

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