I am some sort of a weird person, people have told me. You will find me holding a new book to my nose and taking in the scent of the book! I love books, and I think that everyone should too. Books can be scary, boring, bulky, demanding and all sorts of adjective, but they are still awesome! You grab a book and you just enter into a new world.

A book is like the portal that takes you beyond what your senses can immediately relate with. Click To Tweet

It is unfortunate that a lot of people do not like to read. They detest reading mostly because reading as been communicated as something that has to be done out of necessity. Reading makes you alive!

I want to quickly share with you 3 reasons why you should read, and hopefully I will come up with a follow-up post on how to make the best of your reading. Ready for the world of books?

  1. You Can Communicate Better:

If you want to be able to carry out conversations, then reading is an art that you need to cultivate. Either you want to flaunt your knowledge before that guy or you just plain want to give an effective communication, then you need to read up.

  1. You expand your horizon:

Ever being in a team where there seems to be a lady or guy that has all the answers to all the questions that is asked during a brainstorm session, the secret is simply reading. Ask and you will discover that super creative fellow has a lot of reading going on. Learn to read billboards, inscriptions on shirts, headlines and other light materials.

  1. “Dinosaurs Didn’t Read and See What Happened to Them”:

I will end with this, I saw that quote somewhere on the internet and it perfectly captures what I had in mind. If you don’t read, you die! It sounds very cliché, but it’s true mehn! You can literarily go obsolete if reading isn’t your thing.

The point of reading is actually to get information, so whatever form that comes either through the internet, books, newsletter or video, reading is an art that you have to cultivate!

I look forward to hearing you tell me about how your reading has started out!


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