5 Techniques To Help Ace That Test

My worst year at the university was my third year. That was when I got the worst result of my life! It has never been that bad. Kai! It was immediately after the six months long ASUU strike and I used that to excuse myself a lot.

But then I know of some other people that aced that same semester. I just had to sit down and honestly ask myself, “Aunty, how far?” This was my CGPA literally bordering between life and death. I knew I had to draw up a strategy that would work and fast too.

I wasn’t sure where to start. This was because I was that generally okay student. I didn’t need to do so much and I’d comfortably have a B. But this semester was different. I wasn’t sure what I did or did not do anymore. I just knew that going forward I needed to have a working plan.

I can tell you with confidence that if you follow the following tips with discipline and God’s grace, You’d ace any test, anytime, anywhere in the world… Are you ready?
Let’s do this!

1. Ensure you get a good grasp of the course.

You can do this by attending classes, owning class notes, paying attention during lectures and the rest like these. This seems like the regular but it isn’t. it wasn’t until after my third year I realised paying attention in class wasn’t easy. This is you really focusing and trying your best to understand what your teacher/lecturer is talking about. This is you fighting the urge to draw, paint, pass notes or play X and O in class and the likes. What this does for you is this:  during

What this does for you is this: during study, you are only reminding yourself of what you already know from attending class. So, attend classes and remain in class with your body, soul and spirit till the very end 🙂

2. Prepare for the test/exam.

I mean, actually prepare. Lol! But really, if you ask me, I’d tell you preparation isn’t in one day. Most people try to do a crash study few days or hours before the test. This isn’t healthy at all. It stresses you and puts up under pressure. And most times, you don’t cover ground. I mean that’s you trying to do thirteen weeks’ work in a few days!

So, always revise all of your course work at least on a weekly basis. Allowing your work pile up is one sure way not to ace. Do all your assignments yourself and promptly. Get it over with as soon as it’s given. This saves you the stress of doing rush hour “dubbing” and prepares you for the test/examination ahead of time (A lot of assignments make it to the question paper on test/exam day).

3. Relax! Again I say to you, relax!

You know, I once took biscuits and a bottle of drink into the examination hall. Run, No. I meant flee from anything that would put you under tension/pressure during a/an test/exam. Do everything you can to remain calm and at ease. And I know it seems I always have a story for everything but let me just share this. I had a two-hour exam one time. I had heard so much about the lecturer that I have been trembling since I registered for that course and the exam day was just the height. Well, the summary is I couldn’t bring myself to do anything till well over thirty minutes had gone. I literally kept cancelling every paragraph I wrote till almost one hour was gone.

4. Build the right environment.

Create a positive environment around you. Believe you are actually a scholar. This isn’t you psyching yourself to believe some false thing, you actually have the wisdom of God! Have faith in what God can do in you. Surround yourself with the right friends, people that would encourage you to do better and work harder. Speak positive words. In fact, you can adopt the method of a friend of mine. Put sticky notes of God’s promises concerning your success all over your laptop, reading desk, bed… all over. This helps you trust in God’s promises irrespective of your past performances. It’s called renewing your mind.

5. Engage the Holy Spirit.

I deliberately made this the last point because a lot of Christians are fond of blaming God for their inefficiency. God has put in place what I can universal laws. These laws when adhered to would produce results regardless of who, what or when. One of such is”

”…Seest though a diligent man, He shall stand before kings and not mean men…” Click To Tweet

I know there is grace for when we fall short, but God would rather have us be diligent. The Holy Spirit comes in to give you ease as you study hard. There are many instances when the Holy Spirit gives students a sense of direction as they study. Of course, not everything in your note would come out during exams, only some will. God can accurately lead you to that “some” and that’s exciting for me! I’m not talking about guesswork o, I’m talking about precision.

Let me share a testimony, my walk with the Holy Spirit during my final year in school was such that, there were different small markings in my texts and notes. Those markings meant ‘this is a test/exam question, pay attention’. The best part is they were mostly true! Now, you might say, “Nah…. I’m so not there, not getting there soon…”

Listen, Hebrews 5:14 says, “But strong meat belongeth to them that of full age, those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil….” Engage the Holy Spirit, my friends! Train your senses by reason of use to hear God accurately and you’d be acing your tests/exams soon.

PS: These techniques/tips/strategies worked for me throughout the remaining of my time in school and like old wine, it just kept getting better.

And Oh! You are welcome! 🙂

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