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Image by © Simon D. Warren/Corbis

IGNITE WITH SUCCESSBAYO #27- A-game in the workplace”

“Aspiring to be better starts with a wish, becoming better starts with a desire and being better requires commitment”  – Ajayi Adebayo

Hello friends, I welcome you to another session of IGNITE SERIES. I am sure this year has been full of immense productivity and enlargement. We still have about seven (7) weeks to the end of year 2016, so therefore a lot is still very possible. All you need to do is to strategically position yourself. I would like to share with you something I have captioned A-game in the workplace

Even as we know that technically and economically, Nigeria is a state of recession; People are losing jobs and most people are becoming redundant. But the good news is that even in this trying period, some people are still getting to their career peak and becoming outstanding.

Let’s consider somethings to do, so as to carve a niche in your workplace;

  • Ignite the Right Attitude

Having the right attitude means giving it your best shot, not just sometimes but every single day. Not just when it is easy but also when it’s tough.

The right attitude is in two dimension

  • You side with management and see policy decision from their point of view.
  • You devote your attention to becoming a total and committed employee

The right attitude means going extra mile, giving it that extra effort even when you’re tired and pissed off and ready to quit. You maintain the right attitude and remain steadfast even when it’s difficult. Right attitude is staying always positive and constantly looking for the advantage and the right edge.

The right attitude is developing standards and sticking to them. Be sure of your bottom line and knowing when to make a stand respectfully.

Right attitude means exercising power with kindness, restraint, humanity and consideration. This involves being good, kind, considerate and successful.

  • Secretize Your Hardwork

Every boss wants an employee that looks easy and relaxed despite the level of work. You may stay up at night or very early every morning but never admit the work is tough. Yes, you may have to work through your weekends, holidays and days off but never grin or complain round about how hard you work or the hours you put in.

This is simply because if you show that you are weary, your boss will see you like you are not ready for higher responsibilities (a lot of workers miss this). You only work extra hard to very good at your job, so never let your boss know how hard you work. Am not saying you should make yourself slothful in the eyes of your boss but be very diplomatic by making your outstanding result looks easy so as to get recognition.

You also need to be very competent in your work place, if you are not; burn the midnight candle, study, gain knowledge and get experience, use SWOT analysis and ask questions.

In as much as you have to secretize your hardwork, there are some rules;

  • Never ask for an extension of a deadline
  • Never admit you are out of depth or guidance until you have pushed yourself to the limit
  • Never complain about how much work you do (it means you can handle something higher).
  • Learn to be assertive so that you don’t end up getting what you can’t handle
  • Never be seen helpless.
  • Always look for ways to ease your workload.
  • Highlight Key Times at Work

It is very crucial to know when to work extra hours and when not to do so. Only use all your power and energy when it is appropriate, meaningful, beneficial, necessary and important.

There is no point in using all your power and energy when is not necessary, you will get drained and unnoticed. Always identify the key season and soar.

There is really no point burning the midnight oil to produce a report or assignment in which only few persons in your team will see and assess (am not saying you shouldn’t be efficient but play smart). But let there be a difference between submission of report to your immediate colleague and to the MD/CEO or Departmental Manager.

At key times, get it right and it’s remembered for ever and get it wrong, it’s also remembered for ever. Be smart. Identify the key time and shine.

To be continued next week……..

I see you getting better. See you next week

From your coach

Adebayo Ajayi



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