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Dear Son,

It’s been a while I have written to you but your old man got caught up in a lot of things – both exciting and not so good for the ear to hear. I think this will form a strong basis for this letter and I hope the letters I have written to you in the past has been helpful because you will sometimes forget to apply those things- however, you will always find your way back.

Son, life is going to be full of challenges. As much as we keep prophesying a year free of challenges at every new year eve, challenges are inevitable. This world is not made to be your fantasy; everyone has areas they feel pain and this will lead me to say this.

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Son, I have been through my challenges and I am still going through some. I have battled with a lot-within and out of my control- but in all these, I realize that after one storm is over, another one comes. What I need you to know is that your satisfaction will only be found in God and God alone will be able to  satisfy you.

Remember this. It will save you a lot of heart aches and head aches.

Trust your old man, I have experienced all these. And I am still here.

I look forward to the man you would become.

I love you.

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Image by © David P. Hall/Corbis

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