Image by © JLPH/cultura/Corbis

Image by © JLPH/cultura/Corbis

What’s up Son?

It’s wonderful to know that you are getting knowledge from your pops at this time of your life. I never really had the opportunity you have. I hope you still have all my letters, as they need to be read over again to help your remembrance.

This letter I am writing to you is of importance as I think it’s fit that you learn why a lot of things happen before you experience them- that is if you are not already experiencing them. I woke up one morning to the realisation on how I love your grandmother (my own mother) and I could not help but cry because when I prayed for her, it was from the heart and I could not bear the thought of your grandmother dying- knowing fully well my life may never again be the same. This made me search out why we are separated from our loved ones and why sometimes we have to wait a very long time to see the ones we love again.

Son, when death takes away the ones you love, I need you to know it’s for a good purpose because no matter how much you loved them on earth you could never love them perfectly because you are still human. However, a time will come when you will be reunited with them in faith {this should be driving force to win them to Christ if they are not yet in Christ} and you will love them as Christ loves them, perfectly.

I hope this comes in handy. Please try to teach your friends also because some never have such wisdom I give to you. In the end, we all need God and we all need each other.

I love you,


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