Dear son – Your Life is Never On Autopilot

father-with-son-on-shoulders-airplaneDear son,

It’s been a while I have written to you. I hope this letter is not too late because it would come in handy soon enough.

Two things strike my thought at this very hours which are time and your path son.

You are probably battling this two at the same time in your life; feeling that time is flying and you are not in the cockpit to determine where it is going and how fast life should be. You probably feel your life is on auto-pilot and you are strapped to a chair to watch where it would lead and you are watching with every pound of fear in your heart and tears in your eyes not knowing where your life would end.

Son, let me tell you that everyone feels this way at some point in life. Sometimes, we feel this way through life always trying to re-evaluate what our life seems to mean. Sometimes life is something have come to define as an entity that ask you more questions and leaves you with few answers.

My son you need to realise as I have come to realise that life is in the hands of God, as well as time. He is the pilot that drives that plane you think is on auto-pilot.

For God directs the steps of the righteous, how do you expect to know it? Trust the piper play the music and dance to His tune; He his leading you. Believe and find your joy in His love for you knowing He would not lead you to shame but to a place that would give him glory. It’s going to be tough some days when you feel auto piloted, when you feel that way always ask to see the pilot of your plane.

I hope to write to you soon.

I love you,


Trust the piper play the music and dance to His tune; He his leading you. Click To Tweet

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