Dear Strong People


Dear Strong People,

We appreciate you for how you pick us up when we fall. Your staunch shoulders on which we cry on has been a constant in our down moments. Your words of encouragement are as soothing as showers from a waterfall. For all the times you put aside your worries to help us out of ours, we cannot thank you enough. For all that you have done for us, we are forever grateful.

However, we have some things against you. When there is a need to draw strength from an external source, you withdraw from us with an “I’m good” followed with a smile. Why?

After all these years of helping us, don’t you think your selflessness has rubbed off on us? Is it possible we’ve learnt nothing from you at all? If anything, we can encourage you with the same words you used so lavishly on us in time past. Perhaps, you just need to hear it from someone else that everything will be fine. Please let us be there for you too.

Can we start with a “how are you today?” Hopefully, your response will not be the usual “I’m fine thanks.” If you are indeed fine, we are glad but if not, do tell us. We want to be there for you too.

Dear Strong People, If you are indeed fine, we are glad but if not, do tell us. Click To Tweet

From a grateful friend.

Bolanle Abiola
Omobolanle Abiola is a young Christian lady who's currently trying out new things while finding her authentic self (in Christ, of course). She loves to read, draw and engage in interesting conversations (amongst other things).

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    1. Apt!
      Let’s be honest with our humble self

    2. This warmed me up really much. I’ll probably show this to all the strong people I know!

      Good work, Bolanle.

    3. Thank you Hakim

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