With a sudden jump as though I was being chased to reality from a nightmare, was my frightened state as I woke that morning. It hasn’t been so easy trying to adapt to the new life after school. The alarm began its snooze at 4:30 a.m., a shift from the usual 6:00 a.m.

Believe me, the feeling was like I shouldn’t have graduated from the university. But I couldn’t even wait to be called a graduate either. And here I am. Life is beginning to take its toll on me as I queued along with the old graduates in search of jobs. My dad made me aware of my new status as I woke late for work that day. His words went thus: “You’re no longer a student hence you must be ready for the task ahead.”

I have always had the vision of a great woman who will lead others. But I needed to lead myself first before thinking about others. I needed to acquire knowledge ordinary men bypassed. So I decided to discipline myself into becoming that superwoman. It has not been so easy as it is a continuous stage in life. Just as learning can’t stop, so can discipline not cease.

Discipline to me was like shedding off my old skin for a fresher and durable one, accompanied with pains and endurance. Click To Tweet

How did it go down with me?

Life is like a school with several classes (phases) where we receive different lectures and face examinations depending on the phase we find ourselves. Click To Tweet

This is life and it must be faced and conquered. The very first thing I did was to come to the realisation that I have been promoted to a higher grade in life’s school. I needed to grow better in order to meet up to standard. I could no longer stay in the same position while expecting different results. Hence, my pattern and approach to life issues must change. Yet I made sure to pick the positive lessons from the previous classes.

Then, I looked forward to the next stage of life. I knew my schedule must change and my outputs must surpass my previous class; this was what brought about my 4:30 a.m. alarm which was formerly a 6:00 a.m. alarm. I was prepared to move forward from my previous class to a better next. So I had to roll up my sleeves and make things happen.

I knew I had lots of information to disseminate to the world and I couldn’t do this all at once. So I took it step by step and I started working towards the set goal. When I speak of goal, I don’t mean I have achieved it all at once and in fact, I am still growing. I will summarize some wise sayings I got under a lecture by Mute Efe. He stated that;

You don't just achieve goals at once, they first pass through resolution, split into parts and then action takes over - you resolve to do things in order to achieve a particular goal. Click To Tweet

How would I achieve positively with my old behaviour and belief system? I needed to stop being a local champion, hence I moved out of my comfort zone to acquire more knowledge. So, I began to do things that will bring my dreams into reality. I had to bury my past experiences since they were strongly capable of imprisoning my glorious future. So, I loaded myself with positive thoughts, forgave myself for past errors, loved and still loving myself, changed my friends, acquired and still learning new skills through seminars, online classes and other means. I also adjusted my mind to always retain happiness in all situations. This is very essential.

Was it all easily accomplished?

Truth be told, I am still on the journey to personal development, I am really ready to discipline myself to any length. It has not been easy but it is rewarding I believe with the help of God.
I see opportunities in all phases I find myself. When I fail sometimes but rather than stay moody and regretful, I accept it and get triggered to solve the problems created: they are just indications that there lies self-discovery in every problem.

I won’t hesitate to say I learned to stay healthy, eat well, exercise more, stay close to God and also think more positively as mentioned earlier. Readjusted how I spend money, time spent on activities whether important or less and even ate fewer junks as they consume more money and add excess weight.
Believe me, discipline as a tool for personal growth doesn’t give pleasant feelings at present times when facing it. It requires endurance, perseverance, patience and a happy state of mind but the fruits are sweet and durable if we don’t give up.

You can let me know through the comment section if this was of help to you. Cheers!

Adebanjo Shindara.

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