"I Quit My Job to Follow my Passion", Okere Chisom; CEO, BEACE


OKERE CHISOM, CEO BEACEI am Okere Chisorom Favor, fourth child in a family of five.

My Dad is late and my mum is a fashion designer. Right from age 9, I had a weird flare of makeup. My elder sister was the makeup guru at that time. I was always watching her do makeup and I would think of when I would be old enough to practice on my face. At the age of 10, I asked my sister how it would look if I should carve my brows.

“When you are older, I will do it for you”, she replied.

okere chisomImmediately she left, I carved myself (I messed up my brows). My parents noticed and dealt with me. Since then, I continued trying it out. I would always carry one makeup product to school (taken from my mum’s bag or my sister’s bag) so I could practice. My parents were stunned at the level of interest I had at that tender age.

I attended Covenant University and I continued doing makeup. My friends helped turn my room to a makeup room. I did make up for matriculations, dinners, birthdays and convocations. On my own convocation, I made up more than fifteen people-including myself. My parents watched how my passion grew in makeup so my dad (before he passed on to glory) paid for me to learn makeup at MakeupByORSELA, owned by the famous rapper, Eva Alordiah. There, I gained more skills in makeup and I was certified.

Afterwards, I went for NYSC and I taught all the ladies in my lodge how to do makeup. Presently, most of them are already good makeup artistes in different states. After NYSC, I started working but six months down the line, I knew makeup was just where my passion was. I felt I was dragged to work and back. I finally quit my job as an online content writer/editor from Iconway Media and I decided to focus on makeup fully. But first, I had to intern under a top makeup artiste to brush up my skills. I did that with Oshewabeauty and it was a great adventure. I learnt a lot and I became better.

In January 2016, I decided to start my own business. I registered my company, Beautified Glam, and it has been a great journey afterwards.


@b.e.a.u.t.i.f.i.e.d ? Rubber Chain Series 101? Makeup by Okere Chisom


Makeup by Okere Chisom @b.e.a.u.t.i.f.i.e.d ?Scarf series part 2 ? Model: @itsamaka1

In my short life, I have met lots of upcoming makeup artistes. Some people don’t know how to market themselves socially, some know how to but don’t have jobs to post on their social media platforms. Some just have studios with no jobs. I was very worried about these situations and thought of what would help out. Besides, with the rise in demand for makeup artistes in Nigeria, I didn’t think it would be fair for customers to keep looking for makeup artistes to no avail; neither would it be fair for upcoming makeup artistes to lack jobs.  I and my friends realized these issues and decided to create a platform where both the customer and the makeup artiste/hairstylist could meet and be satisfied. That’s why BEACE ( was created.

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  1. Awwww.. So inspiring! I’ve always known from Covenant Uni that she had it in her. More grace Chisom 🙂

  2. This babe is amazing! She has gifted hands joor. Kudos

  3. Awesome stuff.

  4. Nice one.

  5. That rubber band thingy got me seriously! Welldone Chisom!

  6. I really admire ur dreams. I pray that God almighty gives u more wisdom to continue to pursue ur dreams. More grace

  7. Love this!!!

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