A girl with a yellow butterfly on her hand, sitting very still and concentrating.Greetings to you, I welcome you to the second edition of IGNITE SERIES. Today we will focus on a key component of purpose fulfilment called The process. Every one of us must go through the desired process in other for us to actualize our overall destination (Purpose). Some believers feel that only the unbelievers are meant to go through the process but sincerely that’s a myth. God wants each and every one of us to stay in our process.

butterfly-stagesLet’s take a clue from the growth stages of a butterfly. Every beautiful butterfly had to go through some ugly stages before turning out to be a beauty to be reckoned with. A butterfly starts from the egg-larvae-pupa-butterfly. There is a seed of greatness in you that must go through some developmental stages to become a success. This is the same way God gave Joseph a very wonderful dream of his future but he had to go through the process. At first, it was looking like everything had gone wrong and that beautiful future was not going to be actualized. But guess what every single that happened to Joseph before he became prime minister propelled him further to the throne.

Every process God is taking you through is to make you stronger so that you can break every cocoon that is covering your beauty. It is your responsibility to staying your process. Don’t try to cut corners like the people of the world; build yourself up, develop your capacity while in your process so that you will be able to contain the success when it finally becomes a reality.

I will end with this; when you see celebrated celebrities, do not be filled with knowledge of their greatness, go and search out their process”.

I am looking forward to seeing you next week. Have a purposeful week.

From your Coach.


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