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Image by Sonja Pacho/Corbis

Image by Sonja Pacho/Corbis

The frequent ringing of my phone, deadlines, work piles, planning, sorting and what have you, are phenomena I have become quite accustomed to over time. With eyes closed and my mind running like the never ending hum of a washing machine, I began to reflect on how fast things seemed to be moving- with an attempt to  ascertain my grip on recent happenings.

I was faced with a major decision that made me remember that my life was very much in progress and that I wasn’t getting any younger. Gone are the days when our decisions were as basic as deciding what matching pieces would be best to adorn our dollies with or where to play the next football match. Life has presented us a much higher stake and it’s ours for the taking.

The average child’s thought processes evolve over time and move from depending on every day guidance and instructions from parents, guardians, teachers etc. He then learns how to make decisions on his own- soon enough he begins to learn how to take responsibility for himself as well as others. While this is not a talk on the psychology of child development, it is quite important to realize how and why we need to take charge.

Most people just breeze through life somewhat carelessly- not having a plan, vision or purpose to give a basis to the decisions they make. What a dangerous way to live! It can be likened to a ship on the high seas without a captain or someone to steer it aright. Of course! The ship will drift into oblivion.

Others suddenly realize they need a plan but it’s sometimes a little too late because things to decide on are already pouring in. They panic, seek answers and make hasty decisions for all the wrong reasons. This is because you can’t try to set the foundation of a house right when you’ve already started  painting.

Still, there are others who are able to stay stable, making the right decisions, staying on top, unperturbed by life’s storms. I let out a deep sigh as flashes of every day life in and outside school come to me, it’s not far removed from source of the burden I feel.

Success in whatever we do hardly ever happens by chance but comes through direction of God’s spirit which births in us visions, strategic thinking and planning, diligence in carrying out these plans, wisdom for the times, setting of priorities right and a host of other things.

My point is this-  don’t get caught up in just living life. There’s more to be done, don’t be taken unawares. Know exactly where you are headed, and what it takes to get you there. That way, you won’t drift off course. Know what your principles are, what the standards are so you have a good foundation for the decision you make, such that it is always a step in the right direction.

Christians are directed of God’s spirit. Sensitivity is sharpened, strength is built, and miles are covered in fellowship. Praying in the Holy ghost, in depth study of God’s word.

Make plans to grow and make your foundation sure. Prepare for your world today.

Remember, Leaders Stay Ahead.

Written by;

Grace Okeme

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  1. This is really profound, am not even going to write an epistle. I will just let it sink in.

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