Living Life With No Regret(s): Fifteen Keys

I personally consider regrets as internal torture that reminds you of wasted time, lost opportunities, careless moments etc. Imagine living your life with no regrets at all.

A life with no regrets is exactly the definition of a life well-lived; a successful life. Let me share 15 everyday keys on living a life with no regrets.

A life with no regrets is exactly the definition of a life well-lived; a successful life. Click To Tweet
  1. Live each day one at a time, today has got enough trouble of its own why add the trouble of the future.
  2. To live a life without regrets, you must live without procrastination,
  3. Never take offence although it will hurt you more than the other party.
  4. Refusing to forgive is like refusing to empty your trash bin, please who is with the weight and foul smell?
  5. Learn to appreciate the smallest gift, help, encouragement…given to you. You can never limit the power of a simple “thank you”.
  6. There is nothing wrong in wishing for what you don’t have but make do with what you have. Never stay idle while waiting.
  7. The truth is very scarce so embrace anyone that loves you enough to tell you one.
  8. You can never be wrong by being a little more patient.
  9. Be the reason someone is happy, be the answer to someone’s prayer. Ignore your own needs and help someone get theirs.
  10. Leave your past alone: hanging on to your past is like planning a wedding with a dead and buried person. Abeg wake up!
  11. Smile; not because life is full of reasons to, but because it might be what someone needs to light up their world.
  12. Live for a legacy, not for rewards. Legacy is inexhaustible and will outlive you, but a reward will finish one day.
  13. I have a feeling heaven recognizes or motives for what we ask God than the request themselves; Get your motives right.
  14. Never look down on anybody, you simply don’t know them even if you think you do; we are all still work in progress. We are changing.
  15. Embrace life with joy; see each moment as a gift, not an entitlement. So live every second to its best, celebrate and enjoy it.

I will like to know your best point of the fifteen and please feel free to share yours; I will be delighted to see them. Leave a comment.

Enjoy life with no regrets.

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