boring_life_signI recently posted an article “FOOLISH RISK IS JUST TOO RISKY“, (Pls read if you’ve not). Here I’ll be looking at the same issue from the opposite perspective.
 Just in case you are considering marrying me, you may want to know that I’m a bit disorganized (maybe not a bit 😉 0. So a bit of a Melancholy will fit into my Sanguine personality. However, notice that I said “A BIT” and not a full scale melancholy.
I admire Melancholics the so-organized perfectionists. They have a timetable for every day, every hour, every minute and every second. They can live in their rooms blind-folded and not hit a chair. Everything is perfectly arranged or better described, if you move the flower vase on the table by a quarter of an inch, they will notice it. Choi!!! They can be predicted to the very last gesture on their cheek in response to whatever stimuli.
As much as I admire them, I’m not a loyal fan of their perfectionist tendencies. God forbid that I should support disorder but where is the place of spontaneity in life? I do not wish to have a friend that I know his replies to all my questions beforehand, neither do I want a wife who’ll demand that we have a timetable for sex. However, I wouldn’t mind knowing all my enemies’ next moves ;).
Nonetheless, the whole idea is, you do not have to be rigid and predictable to get the best out of life. Else you’ll end up being frustrated and bored, because you killed the fun in the process.

Take a risk (not a foolish one); do something unexpected for once and leave the regret for later, and guess what? It just might never come.

I’ll like to share the link to an old blog-post for those that didn’t read it then, it’s titled “SAYS WHO? Click HERE

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